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Originally Posted by Aljam View Post
What languages are you learning now? I'm currently learning php and mysql and am going to learn JavaScript and jquery after my midterm break. I plan to learn asm, c++, and python sometime soon, maybe when I'm not busy with assignments.
jQuery is not a language, damnit.
If I were you, I wouldn't invest too much time in learning PHP / MySQL. They are becoming less and less relevant ( especially with more effective NoSQL / ORM solutions becoming widely available, and based on JSON ).
I would however, invest some time into learning C -- make sure you understand pointers, and how structures work. Then soak your feet in C++ -- apply your knowledge of C pointers / structures to new concepts in C++ ( OOP, mostly ). Next, learn the ins-and-outs of Python. Things will make more sense over time.
Also, check out Coffeescript and LessCSS. They're awesome for front-end web development. ( They compile to js and css respectively ). And if you would like to help enforce modularity into your web apps, I would also encourage you to check out the AngularJS library.

Originally Posted by droomph View Post
c/c-libraries because I have to (lol i had one free period)

php, mysql, javascript, html (though no longer actively learning it because really what kind of website do I want to build)

objective-c/cocoa because I have a mac. shut up.

BASIC, because playing around why not

x86 kiiiiinda. I'm just playing around at this point (it's so much more different that ARM with the ax and eax and ahhhhh being the same register) but maybe it'll get serious someday.

ARM I already got everything down (it's about 40 instructions so yeah) but I'm still learning how to apply it.

so as you can see I manage my time wisely.
I pray that you aren't using basic outside of your calculator. :P
x86 is hell. I can't even with it. I honestly prefer ARM / THUMB to x86.

As for me personally, I'm learning the fundamentals of what makes a language. As of right now, I'm trying to break down English / communication into atomic elements so that I can create a program that understands English. I think that would be spiffy.

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