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Arrow Progressing Hacks Thread: Pokemon Scandal --LIVE TOUR--

__________________________________________________ ___________

Team Name: Project SCANDAL
Hack Name: Pokemon Scandal --LIVE TOUR--
ROM Base: Fire Red(U)
Language: English, Mild-Japanese

Hello everyone! I'm leachim_paloyz15 here, and I bring you a hack that I cannot certify whether I'll be able to finish through time..

I've been around here on PHO since the ages, I've been busy studying the art of hacking by form of tutorials.. and I must say, at least now I can do something or things in hacking.

I have at least 3 to 4 hacks that have failed to materialize.. That's why this time, before I graduate from college.. I want to at least finish 1 project. I would like to invite both new, and old or should I say "veteran" and "experienced" hackers to help me finish this hack. I will dedicate all of my spare time in finishing, and polishing up this hack, until finished.

But that's enough about me..

This hack, is mainly about a JROCK group, "SCANDAL." And no, they're not the ones who told me to do this. I don't know, I just came up with this idea to fuse/combine all the things that I like into a one single ultimate game. ^^

17 years after "The Invasion", the Nihon Region is barely standing on its very foundations..
No other nation wants to help it..
Every leader wants to conquer it for his own, primarily due to its rich lands, and its very capable location on the map.

17 years ago, brave warriors from all parts of the Nihon Archipelago joined forces to repel the world out of their lands.. They fought 'til the end, with pride and honor.

But that.. wasn't enough.
Their campaign lead them to their own demise.

You live on the large island of Melmond. A former territory of the Nihon Region, under the name of "Shikoku."

Your father was one of the best Samurai Warriors that ever lived.
But during "The Invasion.." He went missing.. Some say he sacrificed himself for you, and your mother's safety by fighting off an endless horde of invaders, --exactly what a hero would do, while some people say he ran away with his tail between his legs,
--like a coward.

SCANDAL, an all-girl Nihon(*ese?) rock band, was very popular before "The Invasion", and even after the historical event. They will be conducting a so-called "Live Tour" in Melmond, just to ease the tension a bit.

Setting that aside... The world you'll be diving into.. is a battlefield..
"No retries, once you're done, you're done for good."

Your conquest for survival, and freedom awaits..
Go forth! Be a hero, be a coward!
From here on out, you're on your own.

-New Region (*Melmond/Shikoku)
-Canta (*Yep. It's a feature.)
-New Characters
-Collect different Knight Suits, and use them to battle pokemon(*and/or other Knight Suits.)
-Quite a different story
-Day & Night System
-Japanese Music (*I don't know about you guys, but I really like this.)


The people that are involved in this crazy project are:

- leachim_paloyz15 - Almost anything I can do.
- link491 - Tile Specialist(Inserter, Mapper, Creator); Beta Tester
- amz7250 - Event Designer(Main Events, Mini Events)
- Jaypub - Signature-Support Banner Creator
- Tektekk - Music Planner & Remixer; Sound Effects(External Audio Files)
- AlexTheRose - Mapper + Media(CSS)

Pokemon Invasion (*A possible prequel of Live Tour)

After a long period of isolation, the Nihon region was finally revealed to the world by explorers from all lands.

At first these explorers and their people were amazed by the region's greeneries and its rich history.
Eventually, this "amazement" turned into envy, and jealousy leading to the event branded as "The Invasion."

Many leaders have tried to claim the Nihon region for their own, but the people's resistance was unmatchable, and was to be feared.

During "The Invasion", warriors from all of Nihon joined forces to repel the foreigners out of their soil.
Since then they have trained their people ages sixteen and above both the Art of Pokemon Raising, and the Art of War to secure their lands, and preserve their sovereignty.

Tomorrow you will be turning 16, but because of the current state of your region, no grand birthday celebration, nor luxurious presents are to be expected. Instead, you will be heading out to train and from then on, strive to become a hero of your land.

Nihon Region - The combined areas of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, etc.

*Possible Features:
- Choose from a variety of clans to join:
Each clan will provide you a different "Pokemon Partner", and "Equipment."
- Battle alongside your pokemon.
- Command Events:
These are events in which you can command or order other in-game characters depending on the situation.

- Futuristic Pokemon World



If you helped me, you'll be with these guys:

-God- (For the knowledge, and for almost everything else)
-Astar- (For scripting tutorials, and such, moral support)
-WesleyFG- (MINIS ROMBase, B&W Tiles)
-Full Metal - D/P Font
-Sarcastic Prince[PC]- (For scripting tutorials)
-link491- (ROMBase, and for the 1st Version Map of Heiwana Town)
-Jaypub- (Signature Bars, moral support)
-AlexTheRose - CSS
-XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX - Banner
-HackMew- (XSE ver 1.0.0, FSF, etc.)
-Lu-Ho- (Advance Map)
-and all the people who made the tools that I have used to make this hack possible-

If you've contributed in any way, but you're not on the list.. PM me.




~Major credit to kaitoKid(from SH.)

~Credits to JayPub
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