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Default ROM bank got full while adding moves in Pokecrystal..


So I am editing pokecrystal for my own personal mod with pokemon me and my brother and sister drew when we were little. I wanted to give most of them a movepool of about 15 moves. However, when I got to my 60th or so it told me the bank was full. Now, before I try to create more banks or whatever, I would like to know more about it since I don't want to screw up the entire game.

Is it possible to get a bank big enough to get about 200 pokemon with a movepool of about 15? They don't need egg moves so I could use that space aswell.

Another question is, is it possible to just reduce the ammount of pokemon from 251 to 200? Can I just delete some of them without screwing up the whole game aswell (While ofcourse also deleting all their mentions in other files as well as deleting their pokedexentry, cry headers etc.)

thanks in advance .
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