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So today i came up with an idea for a Pokemon FireRed rom hack. I've made countless rom hacks in the past which are very stable with the help of multiple others. So i wanted to start the development of one today and so on Pokemon Brick Bronze, one of the best Pokemon Fangames that isn't on RPG Maker or a Rom hack itself. It has an original story and memorable characters. It uses Pokemon from every known generation at that we know of and all the towns and side quest are unique. So for those who are interested, i wanted to get a crew of rom hackers to help out and make the game itself. For me, i specialize in Pixel Art and Map making within the game. As well as encounters and parts of dialogue. From what i need, this is the types who i would like to have anyone specialized in:

Adnvanced Text
Expansion of Pokedex/Inserting more Pokemon
Flag triggering
Additional map builders
Title Screen creator
Map Blueprints
and Testers (Alpha, Closed Betas,ETC.)

I would like the game to come out nice and smooth as possible. If Lando himself could cooperate that would be amazing! But all that aside i would love the help on this and i can send links to the necessary rom hacking materials and i will supply you with whatever you need to get going with the project. THIS IS A FAN PROJECT FOR ANYONE WHO IS SERIOUS ENOUGH TO PUT IN THE WORK AN EFFORT.

If you want to join and help out, just fill in this:

Experience on rom hacking: (1 paragraph, 5 sentences)
What you specialize in:
Your first experience while playing Brick Bronze:

Thank you for taking taking the time out of your day to read this and i hope you can participate in the rom making!

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