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Having deeply thought about it, it's evident that the 256+ Pokemon project is really much more complicated than just extending certain routines. You have to consider that there are thousands of routines where single references to Pokemon pass through and you can't afford "losing" the <256 / >256 flag at any point. For example, consider the routine GetBaseData. You have to update it to support reading from two different tables based on the flag, but it's not like GetBaseData can magically know whether to set or reset the flag. You have to go through every single routine that calls GetBaseData or is somehow related to it and adjust it accordingly. Depending what the routine is about, you'll have to take the flag from different ram addresses (party, battle, box, temp...). The way I'm doing it is using the highest bit of the level, since the level byte is pretty much in every pokemon structure. So apart from getting CurPartySpecies as a parameter, GetBaseData would also requiere the flag as another parameter (I called it TableNumber), and this parameter will have to be previously taken from a certain level ram address.

I've been working in parallel in a similar project (kinda, because I haven't done anything for the past 20 days or so, since I basically don't have time). I was hoping I could dedicate this some time in a near future and that maybe I could get some people involved then too. But not right now, at least not for me.

Anyway, I've done some things already; i'm working over pokecrystal since otherwise it's simply not viable at all:

You can see information about what I've done already and other notes in the wiki: . I have done pretty much nothing really, putting it into perspective.

I haven't thought much about how to handle the extra space for seen/own flags at this point, but my initial idea was to move it to somewhere in sram.
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