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Yes, I was looking at dynamic compiling, and it'll be a big pain. For now, I'll keep dynamic compiling and static compiling separate until it's implemented in the Beta release.

As for mixing styles, currently it parses numbers without the 0x as an decimal integer (since Java doesn't have unsigned bytes...) and anything with an 0x as a hexadecimal. Also, if you forget to put a 0x and it has some hex-specific numberals, I'll spit out an error. I could also have it just compile, but having too much variation in a language can be confusing.

And yes, compilation was easy once I made my SQLite database of commands. If you've ever done anything with SQL, you'll understand that it is a powerful databasing language indeed. Also, C#/.Net is just a ripoff of Java. They have almost exactly identical syntax. But yes, it makes things much easier. I'm not sure how I'd do section parsing in C(++). In Java I just use Hashmaps. (That's Dictionary in .Net)

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