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Ok, so I did a lot of work on the compiler and the decompiler, and I believe it's finally as an "Earlier Than Usual" Alpha stage (That's ETU for short.) The entire source code has been pushed to the GitHub Repository. Some things you need to know when testing:
  1. This is a DEBUGGING ALPHA. Use at your own risk on your hacks.
  2. Freespace checking has NOT been added yet, so it'll just overwrite at it's pleasure.
  3. Test with a plain Fire Red ROM using generic scripts, or extremely advanced scripts.
  4. Decompiling doesn't support command aliases yet! So in place of your if's and msgbox's you'll get preparemsgs, callstds, and if1's and if2's.

When submitting a bug, please use the following format:
  • Description (sometimes not needed)
  • Date built (If you didn't build it yourself, just put ETU)
  • Code Inputted (your script)
  • Decompiled Code
  • Log file - Use pastebin!
  • Optional: In-Game screenshot of script. Not really needed, but nice.

Some features that are useful when debugging:
  • The logger - This can save a log with VERY useful information to me or any other bugfixers.
  • The debugger - The little VBA icon will save your ROM with the byte modifications to a temporary location so you can test it without writing. The changes will NOT be written until you press the Save button. It opens it with the default emulator for your system, so you must have it set to VBA by default.
  • The decompiler - This can give some useful output as well. Since the decompiler doesn't have hardly as many bugs as the compiler, you can often determine if the script will work just by decompiling.

And since this is a new script editor, feel free to ask questions! If something confuses you, I'll be happy to help.

My Works:

Coming Soon/Working On:
  • Pokemon Amethyst
  • ?Using HMs via Items?
  • Custom GUIs using ASM (and soon) C

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