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Default Pokémon Sterling Silver [Classic Version]

Since discussion of this old hack often comes up in other threads (particularly the threads for my other hacks, and occasionally in others) I thought I would make a thread for this hack.

Please note that this hack is canceled and unsupported!
Several ideas and concepts are being re-used in Pokémon Christmas and Pokémon Spirits and Legends. A user on Skeetendo called FireSlasher has been given permission to continue the hack on his own using my old notes, but I wanted to upload the original for Nostalgia purposes.

Hack Name: Pokémon Sterling Silver: Cry of Celebi
Hack of: Pokémon Silver
Author: Mateo, Pyro
Hack Status: Canceled

This hack takes place in the Johto Region, approximately 3 years after Gold and Silver version. You play as a kid from New Bark Town, who sets out on a Pokémon Adventure. The Kanto region is unabled to be explored, as it was hit by a typhoon prior to the events of the hack. The plan was to have the second region be a completely new area, that I think was named LATIO. The hack was also going to include underwater areas as well, but I don't remember if any of them made it into the game before it was canceled. Tilesets and a few test maps exist, however.

What's New:
- Play as the character from Pokémon TCG for Gameboy
- Rival is the female player from Pokémon Crystal
- New Pokemon Family
- Pokémon from Gen III added
- Many maps redone to reflect changes over time
- Addition of "PokéMobile", a Key Item representing the Mobile Adapter from Japanese Pokémon Crystal
- A "Skeetendo Mall Event"
- The "Mobile Room" in Goldenrod City's Pokémon Communication Center
- New in-game trades (not just replaced originals)
- Practice Battle Machines
- Porygon Simulators
- More



Battling a Zigzagoon

The Pokemon Communication Center

Cherrygrove City

Cherrygrove City

Elm's Lab

A Sphinx, and some ancient technology being uncovered by archaeologists. Also a pyramid.

To my knowledge, this is the latest version of the hack in this incarnation, last modified 15 November, 2007
Download Now from Mediafire

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