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Well I'd say that most people who play pokemon hacks are between the age of 10 and 17. Depending on how mature the person is, s/he obviously values different things.

Most young children probably don't care about the game's storyline that much - especially if their native language isn't english (I remember this being my case when I was young). To get them to try out your hack, you need fancy graphics and nothing more.

Then there are others who aren't kids anymore and value different things. They like playing hacks that offer something new that normal games do not. Gamefreak doesn't make several games for the same engine - instead they come up with something totally new so that they would get people to buy those games.

I have personally been always horrible at arts, so I couldn't make nice-looking graphics for my own hack even if I wanted to. Nevertheless, my hack doesn't need them either. People are giving lots of positive feedback about it and even if the game doesn't look "that cool", people enjoy playing it.

But all in all, you should make the game the way you want it. If you don't want to add new graphics that others suggest you to add, then do not. As a good advice, I'd say that whenever your hack is in need of new graphics (for example, for the look of an area that couldn't be implemented well with the original tiles), having them makes a lot of sense and adds something more to the gameplay.
If the graphics are there just for getting attention, that's fun I guess since you can definitely make more people play your hack if it catches their attention. It won't make the hack better though (maybe a little at first but once you're used to the new graphics, there is really no difference).

Well all that commenting was related to #2.
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