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Default Pokemon Fire Red Advanced (Version 1 Released)

Welcome to Pokemon Fire Red Advanced this is my first ever hack I making.
- De-Capitalization
- Updated Graphics
- Psychical/Special Split
- Gen 4 and Gen 5 Moves
- Updated Movesets
- Original 151 Pokemon Available before the Elite 4
- Diamond and Pearl Font
- RED Text Box
- Skipped Controls and Guide
- Play as Red or Lyra from Gen 4
- New Opening Screen
- Running INDOORS
- Fairy-Type!

Maybe Features
- All Pokemon
- Version Exclusive Pokemon in it
- Giovanni is Harder


None Reported

MrDollSteak - From his Decap and Attack Rombase Patch
PokeMMO - For there Graphics + Lyra Patch and Skip Controls Tutorial and Guide
ChaosRush - For his DS-Style 64x64 Sprite Resource
Everyone else - For there FR - DP Patch, New Oak Background, Red Textbox and Other Bootscreen
Everyone for the tools I used


Version 1.0 Major Release

Weekly Question - Do you want this to be harder?

-Removed by Mateo on 5 March 2014, after a previous warning (3 days ago) to remove the attachment was ignored. Please ONLY include a patch of the hack, no rom files are allowed.

Last edited by Luna; 5th March 2014 at 11:51 PM. Reason: Removed attachment. Hosted not just one, but 2 GBA files. Only patches are allowed to be linked to or hosted.
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