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Originally Posted by Kristofferst View Post
Do you have a plan of Expanding Pokemon and Pokedex? and adding Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversion form?
Primal forms for Groudon/Kyogre (and the Mega for Rayquaza) might be added later in the expanded-feature version but it's low-priority until the hack becomes more advanced. I am not all that familiar with the newer games' mechanics, so I am sticking with what I know for now.

Otherwise, no Megas or Primals are planned for this one. It's meant to just be a more enhanced, complete and more challenging version of Emerald, which sticks to the original style before Diamond & Pearl were released. It's essentially a sort of Gen 1-3 all-in-one (except the other regions) with lots of bonus content that many wished was in the original R/S/E.

However, as mentioned in the description, I do plan to make a version of this hack with a slightly expanded PokéDex. That one is planned to have a select few from Gens 4 and up as special extras, and maybe even some non-Pokémon/uncatchable challenge battles. I know that many recent hacks are using tons of newer features (like phys/spec split, fairy type, etc.), but there are still many of us out there who prefer the earlier games' style. I did of course allow some exceptions, such as a balanced re-useable Pokéballs system as well as the TMs.

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