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I'm going to say this, you need to work on your choice of tiles and stuff. I understand what you are trying to do with your maps but they look quite unpolished sadly, especially the border blocks for some of them, which have square hedges/ledges etc. it just doesn't look great to do that.

Tile error here, the cave entrance is badly placed (look at actual cave entrances to see what I mean)

May want to fix the pallettes on this, it should be an easy "find the pallette offset, edit the colors" but I'm not sure.

Example of the border blocks which I disagree with. Also, Kyogre has tile errors for the waterfall as it looks strangely placed, Entei has tie errors as you blend the light and dark versions of the ground sometimes which looks obvious and wrong. Rayquaza the rocks by the stairs has the incorrect ground tile behind it, as well as the stairs themselves being unnecessary.

Only border block I do like that is that style is Raikou's as that is a man made environment so can make sense to do that. The rest are natural areas which wouldn't have that.
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