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I feel like Pokemon ROM Hacking is almost dead because of the absence of the unity that was once available for the people involved. We used to be teams of inspiring losers who were outcasts of society for being too unique, intelligent, or weird to have social lives. Now it feels like the only ones that experienced those things are getting consumed with life and moving on.

ROM hacking spirit used to be strong. I used to neglect sleep for weeks just to find a piece of data or learn to complete a programming procedure. I had a sense of determination that drove me to do or learn things that nobody in my age group would have ever given notice to. I overcame many obstacles in my life because of a group of people that I would never meet in person. Those people were my family, they made my family problems invisible.

I gained a legacy from ROM Hacking, a legacy I never really thought that I would have. I guess a little fun and curiosity goes a long way and changes a lot of lives. I meet people on the streets every day that have played my ridiculous hacks and have no idea who I am. I just smile as they describe projects I birthed into creation. I like that ROM hacking allows everyone to change the world.

I guess what I'm trying to say is Pokemon Hacking changed my life and I wish that it didn't have to end...
I miss you guys. I miss what Pokemon Hacking used to be.

If I had the power, I would grasp the earth with the hands of a deity and forge a new community, a community that didn't give a s*** about pride or the obsession with who was better. I would create a Pokemon Hacking community that only cares about creating fun.

Maybe fun is the missing ingredient of PHO. Maybe we can get it all back.
We all fight a war within ourselves, a war of greatness, a war to become the best.
Gotta Hack'em All!!

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