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Originally Posted by Alex View Post
I do want to comment on the state of PHO, and of our actual community specifically. A lot is stirring around in my head and a lot of it is possibilities, and potential. Hear me out.

I want to acknowledge that when people say PHO is dead, there is a lot of validity in that statement. There's nothing can be done with the thing in its particular instance. With that said, I think if we're liberal and radical enough, we could potentially forge a new forum with a new name, and a new purpose, if we so choose. It means PHO must be left to die, sure, but it won't be in vain. This is a lesson learned.

First off, we need an entirely new name. Obviously when you change one's head it's not right to leave their face there, I'd think. The kind of forum I envision is one that is incredibly resource-oriented - one that's not really particularly social. That base is covered by RHM and the IRC. For it to be useful, I suggest having people's research, development, and other informations be shared by them onto this new forum. The biggest thing behind this kind of idea is it generates traffic. "Oh, yeah I know where that thing you're talking about is documented! *links to our site*" It makes the place useful. The reason PHO is dead is because its purpose has been usurped and it seems the people in charge have just left it be, near enough.

I'm well aware of how vital it is that power in this social network of ours be carefully managed, as I'm sure you three at the head of matters are. Having the wrong people in charge is what crippled PHO into losing its relevance to RHM and the like. People avoided it because of the mess and went to greener pastures, and now there's no reason for them to go back. Get me?

One thing I would advocate for though is sweeping out all of the old staff say for the key faces. I feel that the team is not reflecting what's "as needed." A quartet of administrators should well be able to handle moderation and all the stuff needed to run a forum.

That's my theory behind things. But it's no fun unless I make some analytical and preferential statements about things, so I'll spoiler that here.
  • For comfortability I suggest we keep on vBulletin 3, using LaZ's license for PHO
  • Were Linkandzelda to finance, have him in his own site admin group
  • Have Bela, Team Fail, and possibly one other as forum admins
  • Avoid extraneous/superfluous usergroups such as VIPs, donors, moderators, super mods, etc until proven necessary
  • Have the board set up extremely low-fat, sporting a tightly-grouped array of a couple of boards
  • Jack one style from the old PHO (besides the default) for use on the new site

I'm not sure about what exactly we'd name it. PHO was nice despite Pokémon Hackers Online being a giant mouthful. We probably want something concise.
The main problems I have with this is that you keep referring to RHM and PHO as one place. Link has made it clear repeatedly RHM and PHO are not one place. Therefore it shouldn't be treated as if they're both the same.
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