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Default Thank You

So as you may have noticed, I'm no longer on staff, at least for now. I was going to demote myself later today, but I guess I was beaten to the punch...

Many years ago, I registered on PHO, wanting to do everything ROM Hacking. And I was excited by its prospects. HackMew was still active in the community, and people like Green Charizard and Abnegation were commonplace in the PHO community. A friend donated for me to become VIP, and eventually I was promoted to a ROM Hacking Moderator. That was pretty cool. However, this isn't nearly the end of the story.

I eventually became a Super Moderator, and as usual people in the community sent me their thanks. This happened after Black Charizard (Horus/Seth) took over site activities, and it was a fairly smooth occurrence, however, activity was dropping. Then, Seth came to the decision to promote me to site administrator, however, that was an underestimation. I was discussing some stuff with other staff members, as well as a backup plan in case the site fell, when Seth came back and stripped me of everything on the site. (He read the database for PMs and found our conversation). PHO closed up, and we all ended up moving over to a forum that I had made in the meantime.

Fast forward a number of months later, and LinkandZelda, PEDRO12, and I decided to try bring it all back. We had a forum/social/IRC system, and eventually we fell out of that but kept its backbone - it's the same sites but not in the system that we had going.

Over the past year or so, I've been in College, taking Computing Sciences. While I've remained on the IRC, my focus has fallen off of PHO to focus on my projects in my spare time, as well as work and my classes. I contemplated dropping from staff over the summer and Mateo convinced me to stay, however, as of late, I feel that my lack of attention to the site means that I should drop off for now.

However! This won't mean that I'm gone from the site forever, I may drop in from time to time, and I will still be active on the IRC and occasionally on RHM, as well as on PC. I'm not leaving the community entirely.

To wrap all this up, I'd like to say thank you to all the people here that made the past 5 years of PHO absolutely amazing for me. I really did enjoy being a part of the staff here and I didn't regret a single day on staff. I might come back down the road, but for now, I have other things to focus on and I need to cut back on redundancies right now. Besides, we have enough staff here to cover what needs to be taken care of for now.
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Thank you for your time, PHO. I won't soon forget it.
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