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Default Advance Map Tiles Glitched ! WHAT a mess !

WHAT a mess !
That'S the first thing i thought. I've never changed tilesets with success before,finally i could because of The tutorial "Tleset Insertion For Dummies" in Google,well,i did this :
- Set a background TO my tileset and then decreased color depth
- Opened image with TileHelper (image .bmp) and then exported in same format and exported pallette for Advance Map 1.95
- Uploaded pallette to ROM by block editor
- Exported tileset
- Paste my tile to tileset
- Uploaded new tileset
- Inserted correctly to rom with block editor
- Got perfectly in into Advance Map "city preview " (when You can see game 's maps and Where you can edit map with your tilesets
- Everything OK but ingame i get strange colors like blue ,black in tree's grass,
That part is glitched and in other cities too. HOW can i FIX it?
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