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Hello guys,
Today I came to visit to see what GC posted since hes been an inspiration for me since the early days. I noticed that some threads don't receive a reply within a week, but that being said there are some minor problems.

Like Pia already stated people are striving for succession in their life's which is and stays as one of the most important parts of life if they can't be online that much it's understandable you can't expect people to throw away their life for a forum which is a hobby, a community of people who grow on you as friends or as "friendly people" of course not everyone likes each other but as a community you just make the best out of it.

The threads might not get replyd to as much as we would like to see but that's also because the community is compact and small in size but that doesn't rectify not loving the community.
The community of course will need more advertising to show to people that this community has something for them. But it can't be done until at least the staff decides to undertake action try to plan 1 or 2 hours a week to just go through all new threads and read them and reply.

When your low on time just pass the thread you watched on to someone who can do it for you. Maybe work on something like tasks lists in the staffing area where you can keep track if something's resolved or not or replyd to or not due to (a reason).

That way no thread goes by unnoticed. But if the staff doesn't have the time for this then it's simple a wait till they have time for it. The community can be fun if you build together on it.

Just my input.
~ BC
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