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Originally Posted by lilpayn View Post

I am currently playing through and must say this is by far the best pokemon game I've ever played. That being said. After my first full play through I will be composing a FULL bug report as related to meboy 2.2. Along with tips and and solutions on how to fix them. Being retired from game design I don't give out freebies, but like I said, best pokemon game ever. Ill keep track on updates as you post them. Use google to keep track of updates as I post them (may or may not be related to music). But first bit of bug report, professor oak is one of the most-known researchers, not researches lol. K, signing out for now, I have chansey, abra, and ghastly waiting to be caught.

P.S. Lvl. 37 steelix? Really?!?!? Still had nothin on ivysaurs sleep powder ^_^

Lil payn
You know what, I think the post you put up in Pokecommunity yesterday was what motivated me to continue making this. At least, it gave it a little push and I started fixing things for beta 4.1 that was supposed to come out in fall 2013.

So I have been fixing a couple of things and implementing some things better (such as being able to input the 20-digit code in the research center automatically after you have done it before) along with making prof. Oak not to be a research anymore, hahha.
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