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Default Changing wild Pokemon's species in memory

I'm working on a lua script for Pokemon FireRed which changes certain values of wild Pokemon when you meet them (for example, turning a wild pokemon into a Bulbasaur, or changing its moveset). My current issue is with changing the species of the Pokemon.

To do this, I read in the data of the wild Pokemon, decrypt it, find the growth substructure, change the first 2 bytes to the new Pokemon's id, calculate the checksum, re-encrypt the data, and then write it all back to memory. See "Pokémon data substructures in Generation III" on Bulbapedia.

It mostly works fine. I can encounter the modified Pokemon, capture it, and fight with it. The only problem is that when I try to view the Pokemon's summary page, the game usually crashes (I say "usually" because it seems to depend on the species of the Pokemon that was modified: out of the one's I've tried, it consistently crashes for Weedle, Caterpie, Kakuna, and Rattata, and works for Pidgey). Any ideas as to what would cause this? The only thing I can think of is that there's some species specific value that I'm neglecting to change.

For anyone who is inclined, the following is a lua script which reproduces the error. I'm using Pokemon FireRed US V1.1 and the VBA-ReRecording emulator. Save the script as a .lua file, run it in the emulator, and every wild Pokemon you meet (and the first Pokemon in enemy trainers' parties) should become a Bulbasaur.


G = 1
A = 2
E = 3
M = 4
substructureOrders = {
    [0] = {G,A,E,M},
    [1] = {G,A,M,E},
    [2] = {G,E,A,M},
    [3] = {G,E,M,A},
    [4] = {G,M,A,E},
    [5] = {G,M,E,A},
    [6] = {A,G,E,M},
    [7] = {A,G,M,E},
    [8] = {A,E,G,M},
    [9] = {A,E,M,G},
    [10] = {A,M,G,E},
    [11] = {A,M,E,G},
    [12] = {E,G,A,M},
    [13] = {E,G,M,A},
    [14] = {E,A,G,M},
    [15] = {E,A,M,G},
    [16] = {E,M,G,A},
    [17] = {E,M,A,G},
    [18] = {M,G,A,E},
    [19] = {M,G,E,A},
    [20] = {M,A,G,E},
    [21] = {M,A,E,G},
    [22] = {M,E,G,A},
    [23] = {M,E,A,G}
enemyPokemonPointer = 0x0202402C -- pointer to the enemy pokemon's data structure
dataStructureOffset = 32
checksumOffset = 28
substructureSize = 12
pokemonId = 1 -- bulbasaur

function run()
    print('battle started')
    otId = memory.readdword(enemyPokemonPointer+4)
    personality = memory.readdword(enemyPokemonPointer)
    encryptionKey = bit.bxor(otId, personality)
    substructureOrder = substructureOrders[personality%24]

    -- read the data in 12 byte chunks, one chunk for each substructure
    encryptedData = {}
    for i=1,4 do
        encryptedData[i] = memory.readbyterange(enemyPokemonPointer+dataStructureOffset+(i-1)*substructureSize,substructureSize)
    -- decrypt the data
    decryptedData = {}
    for i=1,4 do
        decryptedData[i] = xor(encryptedData[i], encryptionKey)
    -- organize the data
    growth = decryptedData[indexOf(substructureOrder,G)]
    attacks = decryptedData[indexOf(substructureOrder,A)]
    ev = decryptedData[indexOf(substructureOrder,E)]
    misc = decryptedData[indexOf(substructureOrder,M)]
    -- set the pokemon species
    growth[1] =, 0xFF)
    growth[2] = bit.rshift(pokemonId, 8)
    -- reassemble the data
    newUnencryptedData = {}
    newUnencryptedData[indexOf(substructureOrder,G)] = growth
    newUnencryptedData[indexOf(substructureOrder,A)] = attacks
    newUnencryptedData[indexOf(substructureOrder,E)] = ev
    newUnencryptedData[indexOf(substructureOrder,M)] = misc
    -- calculate the checksum
    checksum = calculateChecksum(newUnencryptedData)
    -- re-encrypt the data
    newEncryptedData = {}
    for i=1,4 do
        newEncryptedData[i] = xor(newUnencryptedData[i], encryptionKey)
    -- write the new data
    for i=1,4 do
        for j=1,#newEncryptedData[i] do
            memory.writebyte(enemyPokemonPointer + dataStructureOffset + (i-1)*substructureSize + (j-1), newEncryptedData[i][j])
    memory.writeword(enemyPokemonPointer+checksumOffset, checksum)

function calculateChecksum(unencryptedData)
    sum = 0
    for i=1,#unencryptedData do
        for j=1,#unencryptedData[i],2 do
            sum = sum +
                unencryptedData[i][j] +
    return, 0xFFFF)

-- xor a table of bytes with a double word repeatedly
function xor(byteTable, val)
    valTable = {,0xFF),
        bit.ror(,bit.rol(0xFF,8)), 8),
        bit.ror(,bit.rol(0xFF,16)), 16),
        bit.ror(,bit.rol(0xFF,24)), 24)
    ret = {}
    for i=1,#byteTable do
        ret[i] = bit.bxor(byteTable[i], bit.bxor(valTable[(i-1)%4+1]))
    return ret

-- get the index of val in table. Return 0 if not found
function indexOf(table, val)
    for i=1,#table do
        if table[i] == val then
            return i
    return 0

print('script started')
memory.registerexec(0x08010672,run) -- address is executed whenever a battle starts

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