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Team Fail
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Default [V1.30] MACycle - The Improved MAC Changer for HomePass!

Download V1.30 Now!
V1.20 source
If you get any bugs that aren't documented, let me know in this thread!

-Windows 7/8 (Or, if you're using XP, a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Adapter, then follow instructions in this post.)
-Active Internet connection
-A working Nintendo Zone hotspot with the name "Wi-Fi" on your computer (Like Chaldron's program requires)
-.NET Framework 4.0 minimum

So I'm going to post this here now, because I know that Chaldron's MAC Cycler is great, but it has limitations. And after talking with him, he's fine with it.

Basically, his program is written in a simple way to make it easy to use. That's really nice, but there's flaws with it. Notice how you're usually streetpassing the same person over and over again? I'm making a newer version of the program in C# that has some nice features:

1. The same defined order that's in MAC Cycler. (See this page for more info!)
2. A randomizer that randomizes the MACs you're using so you get different people all the time.
3. The ability to use custom MAC addresses (So you can Streetpass with friends that are far away).
4. Some speciality MACs (The Nintendo World NY ones, and they're built-in!) to try.

(Images from V1.00)

To use this program, you must already have a working connection that you can receive a streetpass on. Once you can do that, you're ready for MACycle! Open it, find what suits you, and get started!

Currently, I have all features coded and working to a high degree of functionality, that being listed below:

Features (A checkmark shows completedness, or else percentage shows how much is done.)
-Sequential MAC cycling - ✓
-Random MAC cycling - ✓
-Custom MAC input - ✓
-NWorld MAC input - ✓ (Works for some users and not others. Be warned!) (Will be re-enabled in V1.30!)
-Parse and use a custom user-generated list - ✓ (I haven't tested it thoroughly, let me know of any errors.)

Currently known bugs: high priority medium priority low priority solved
-Main program freezes while cycling random/sequential MACs. Fixed! Coming in V1.20!
-macshift and CMD windows show up every time a new MAC is swapped in Fixed: Windows won't show, but process will run in the background (This makes the program much less annoying to run, especially in Sequential and Random modes, and changes have been made to preexisting code to compensate for this change.) (V1.00)
-no program icon
-virtual network may not restart properly and stay in a limited state Fixed: Added a new tab for options, and added a configurable cooldown period to allow hardware to change before restarting the hostednetwork. (V1.01)
-program crashes when MACs begin cycling Fixed: renamed macshift back from debugging. Oops. (V1.01)
-check for Windows XP compatibility Confirmed WORKING on XP (With some modifications. Check this post for more information.)
-reduce CPU usage Fixed in V1.10!
-Troubleshoot why Nintendo Zone NY MACs are not working Will be re-enabled in V1.30 with a warning to users.
-Cooldown period stays at three seconds regardless of user settings. Fixed! Coming in V1.30!
-If a sequence mode is not selected, the Start/Stop button won't revert back to start. Fixed! Coming in V1.30!

Suggested Features:
-Prime/MAX Toggling Added in V1.10!
-Adding more MACS (Custom and NW) to the random/sequential list Added in 1.30! (You can use your own list of MACs, up to 500 at a time can be saved.)
-Add ability to save settings Added in V1.20.
-Buttons for starting and stopping hostednetwork Added in 1.30!

But last, but definitely not least, some credits:
-Chaldron for the original script for changing MACs, MAC Cycler, which gave me inspiration to write this.
-Everyone that helped Chaldron debug his application.
-The creators of macshift. Seriously, that's the heart and soul of this program.
-The people that took the time to write out this set of MACs that most of the cyclers here are using.
-Falco20019 for rewriting and improving the entire program's efficiency.
-BLaZiNiX for the C# INI class (Link)
-Everyone that submitted a bug report and/or suggested a feature for MACycle. Without you, this program could just run itself into the ground.
-If I forgot you, PM me and I'll add you!

Feel free to reply, and see if you'd like to see more MACs added, or what have you. I think it has all the features it should need, but if there's anything you don't see, ask about it and I'll see if I can manage to add it.
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Thank you for your time, PHO. I won't soon forget it.

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Old 28th January 2014, 08:06 PM   #2
Team Fail
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Alright. So I'm very close to release, but there's one thing missing. And it's something I can't fix without your input. So I'm going to hold a contest.

What I want, is logos and icons. However, I know that there is a lot of talent and skill here. So, what I plan to do is host an anonymous page where you put your PHO username (This is required!), and you attach a .zip file with an icon file for MACycle, as well as a banner (These both are required. If you don't have both a banner and an icon, your entry will be disqualified). The submission deadline will be on Saturday, February 8, 2014, where MACycle 1.31 will be released with the new icon. To enter the contest, please visit the link below: (This was for GBAtemp, however, since this is PHO, put [PHO] before your username.)

I will still release 1.30 soon, but 1.31 will have a logo, provided there are entries.
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Thank you for your time, PHO. I won't soon forget it.

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