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Old 19th August 2014, 04:27 AM   #1
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Default The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Time

A FireRed Hack

Hey guys. Some of you may remember me from back in the day over at PokeCommunity with my Mewtwo Strikes Back hack that was cancelled. Most of you won't know who I am, however. Anyways, that's besides the point.

What if there was a Zelda hack of Pokemon that had no Pokemon, instead, only Zelda creatures, and their moves were based on what they'd have in the Zelda games?

I've taken that idea and am turning it into a little something.

PHO isn't letting me port my thead over from PC at the moment, says I'm using too many URLs. Instead, I'll go with the video option to meet thread requirements until I can post the full thread over here.


Imagine the game doesn't play like a Pokemon game at all. Instead, it's like a Gameboy Zelda game but with Pokemon battles as the new game mechanic. There are no gyms, instead, there are dungeons. There's no Pokemon League, but a final boss. No Pokemon Centers, instead, Fairy Fountains.

In this story, you'd assume the role of Link, but without a sword.
Instead, Link will capture creatures in gems. The higher quality gem, the higher catch rate.

Here's a rough draft to the beginning of the game:

The Festival of the Sages is happening at Saisei Village outside of Hyrule Castle. Link is to play a role in escorting the Princess Zelda from the Castle to the festival. After going north of Saisei Village to the castle and meeting up with the princess, she waits for him in the castle courtyard while the King's adviser briefs Link on the ceremony. When Link exits the castle, he immediately notices the castle guards have been slain aside from the one still guarding Zelda, and Ganondorf approaches. A storm starts and Ganondorf thwarts the guard protecting Zelda by summoning a minion. Link runs in to save her, but is knocked out.

Link awakens in a fairy fountain. Farore explains that Ganondorf has found a way to corrupt the Sacred Realm, using Zelda as a catalyst to open and maintain his gate. Monsters have appeared all over Hyrule, and citizens have become delusional. They all believe Ganondorf is the ruler of Hyrule and very few know of the Sages. Link must retrieve the Artifacts of Age from the far reaches of Hyrule to ultimately enter the sacred realm and rescue Princess Zelda, and restore Hyrule. To do so, Farore bestows Link the power to use magic crystals found through the land to tame monsters and raise them to defeat Ganondorf's evil forces.

Farore gives Link the choice between one of three companions to start his journey, a Deku, Zora Baby or Goron Kid. Link chooses one and Farore leaves on a note that if he does not stop Ganondorf before he takes control of the Sacred Realm then Hyrule will perish.

When Link leaves the Fairy Fountain, he finds himself back in Saisei Village. The citizens are all hiding in their homes, as Ganon's Castle Guards terrorize them. He cannot leave the village until he visits the Happy Mask Shop, where he meets the Happy Mask Salesman.

He has been sent on a mission by Nayru to assist the Hero of Time. The Mask Salesman will act as a guide to Link for where to go and for what. Mysteriously, he will appear in towns across Hyrule and offer to store Link's companions until he needs them again. Link will need to visit the fairy fountains to heal his wounded companions. Crystals to obtain new companions will be found scattered around, and some merchants will sell them (Beadle maybe, maybe the Goron merchant too?).

Link's first quest sends him through the Lost Woods to the Deku Palace to retrieve the first Artifact of Age, the Artifact of Flora.


The Spriter's Resource
AlBryce(Titlescreen Background)
DragonDeplatino(DekuGuard OWs)

Tutorials/Important Tips:
DiegoIsAwesome(A lot. Thank you Diego!)
Itari (Textcolor Hex tip, Bootscreen editing Tutorial)
Team Fail(Seriously, music hacking just got 10,000x easier, how can this method not be the norm?)
Magnius(Also a lot haha )
Teh Blazer(XSE Mr. Miyagi)

Special Mention:

Tiles and overworld graphics will be in a revamped variant of the Gameboy Color Zelda games, drawing inspiration from other 2D Zelda games, particularly the Capcom games Oracle of Seasons and Ages. For now, I'm only inserting the basic tiles with new palettes, as later in production they may be revamped, but we need the basic building blocks for something to start, right?

Instead of a bike, Epona.
Instead of Running shoes, Pegasus boots.
Surfing could be changed through ASM to using a key item, flippers.

And since I mainly do mapping, graphics and music inserting, I'd need the assistance of people who do scripting and ASM hacking, other things could be possible, such as bombs for opening walls, or maybe HMs would be the way to go for puzzles.

Once again, once PHO lets me I'll be updating this post with everything found in the first post of the thread over at PC.
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Old 20th August 2014, 02:29 AM   #2
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Looks great man, cant wait to play it when its got a beta.

Check out my channel
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Old 31st August 2014, 06:24 PM   #3
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Looks good man, i laught that the goron came from a pokeball, i would love to see the MM masks have a part in this
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Old 11th September 2014, 12:00 AM   #4
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Looks nice, and i think someone told me that links here is just like PC, you need 15 posts.
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echoes, legend, time, zelda, [GBA]

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