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Default Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter [Aethestode]

Warning: Some content implemented in this ROM Hack, may be considered unfit for kids.
You have been warned.

~Hack Info and Story~
Title: Pokémon Adventure - Red Chapter
Creator: Aethestode

Rom Base: Pokémon Fire Red 1.0
This game is based on the Pokémon Adventure/Special manga. The game follows the manga with added extras. The Kanto Region and Sevii Islands arc follow the manga closely while the storylines for the other regions are made up.


~Special Features~
These are some features that Red Chapter currently has.
~Updated Graphics~

~Playable Characters (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow)~

~Character Customisation~

~Character Mugshot~

~Day and Night~

~Multiple Regions (+Alola Region)~

~New Battle Backgrounds~

~Following Pokémon~

~A huge pokédex featuring tons of new pokémon~

~Additional Features~
  • Extra events and chapters.
  • New music.
  • Two rivals in the game.
  • The level cap was raised to 255.
  • New OWs for NPC.
  • New Trainer Sprites.
  • New scripts, events and secrets to discover.
  • D/P/P Fonts and Textbox.
  • Revamped Battle System (New moves and abilities, Physical and Special Split, etc).
  • Reusable TM.
  • New additional Pokémon Typing.
  • EV and IV stat check.
  • Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, Battle Bond and Fusion.
  • Brand new items.
  • Much, much, much more waiting for you!

The events of this hack are categorized by chapters.
Here is the different lists of chapters that each region has or will have as new versions come out.

The different chapters are divided by colors.
Red means that the chapter is not playable right now.
Yellow means that you can play the chapter, but you can't complete it.
Green means that the chapter is playable from beginning to end.
~Kanto Region~
  • Main Chapters:
  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - Phantom Pokemon
  • Chapter 2 - Missing Pokemon
  • Chapter 3 - Saving Kangaskhan
  • Chapter 4 - Electric Rodent
  • Chapter 5 - Boulder Badge
  • Chapter 6 - Mount Moon
  • Chapter 7 - Cascade Badge
  • Chapter 8 - S.S Anne Robbery
  • Chapter 9 - Bike Contest
  • Chapter 10 - Ghost Tower
  • Chapter 11 - Wartortle Wars
  • Chapter 12 - Breaking In
  • Chapter 13 - Mew Hunt
  • Chapter 14 - Ninetale Tails
  • Chapter 15 - Eeveelution
  • Chapter 16 - Rainbow Badge
  • Chapter 17 - Molten Magmar
  • Chapter 18 - Deep Sea Sear
  • Chapter 19 - Articuno
  • Chapter 20 - Volcano Badge
  • Chapter 21 - Pallet Heroes
  • Chapter 22 - Mime Game
  • Chapter 23 - Silph Co
  • Chapter 24 - Hero VS Villain
  • Chapter 25 - Zapmolcuno
  • Chapter 26 - Unknown Dungeon
  • Chapter 27 - Yellow Gift
  • Chapter 28 - Team Rocket
  • Chapter 29- Indigo League
  • Chapter 30- Road to Victory
  • Chapter 31 - Red VS Green
  • Epilogue
  • Side Chapters:
  • Saving Bill Chapter
  • Abandoned Gym Chapter
  • Evolution Chapter
  • Hospitality Chapter
  • Safari Zone Chapter
  • Lake Monster Chapter
  • Dojo Brothers Chapter
  • Pikachu and Friends Chapter
  • Vengeful Maiden Chapter
  • Relic Beast Chapter
  • Green's Tale 1 Chapter
  • Green's Tale 2 Chapter
  • Green's Tale 3 Chapter
  • Blue's Tale 1 Chapter
  • Blue's Tale 2 Chapter
  • Blue's Tale 3 Chapter
  • Project Mewtwo Chapter
  • Kangashkoo Village Chapter
  • Mewtwo Strike Back Chapter
  • Lonely, Lonely, Lonely Chapter
  • Sweet Dreams Chapter
  • Nightmare Eater Chapter
  • Vulpix Origin Chapter
  • Yeti Chapter
  • Scam Artist Chapter
  • Nurse Graduation Chapter
  • Bruno Chapter
  • Ancient Turtle Chapter
  • Arbok Collection Chapter
  • Gym Leader Rematch

~Orange Archipelago~

  • Main Chapters:
    Coming Soon.
  • Side Chapters:
  • King Carp Chapter
  • Mirage Pokemon Chapter

~Kanto Region Screenshots~
These are some screenshots of the Kanto Region in the Beta 12.

~Bonus Chapter Screenshots~
These are some screenshots of the bonus chapters in the Beta 12.

You can check all the updates published after the release of the Beta 13 Part 1 by clicking right here.

  • MrDollSteak - Gen 3 Rombase
  • DoesntKnowHowToPlay - ASM Routines
  • Darthatron - B2/W2 Repel System
  • Peetzaahhh - Pokémon Logo
  • Jambo51 - ASM Routines
  • JPAN - Hacked Engine
  • Danzen the real 1 - Sprite
  • Soloo993 - Trainer Sprites
  • Thedarkdragon11 - Gen 7 Sprites
  • Computer Max - Colour Badges
  • xSky - Spriting
  • C067912881 - Spriting
  • Blizzard - Spriting
  • Umbralwisp - Spriting
  • Ruki - HP Bar
  • jiangzhengwenjzw - Mugshots, EV-IV Screen and Extra Movement Code
  • Naren Jr - Pokémon Menu
  • il1dan - Pokémon Type Icons

Get a Fire Red Squirrel rom and using a UPS patcher, apply the UPS patch file onto a clean Fire Red rom.

~Beta 11~
In terms of content, Beta 11 has: Kanto Region, Orange Archipelago, Sevii Islands, Mirage Island and a bit of the Hoenn Region.

~Beta 13 Part 1~
Below is the latest Beta 13 patch (4th Jan 2018).
This beta officially ends at Cinnabar Island but there IS one extra cutscene that you can trigger in the house at the down left corner of Pallet Town.

~Real Time Clock Fix~
In some emulators like mGBA, the RTC will not work and the In-Game Clock will remain stuck in 12:00 / 12pm.
In order to fix that, you must apply the patch created by Endrift (the developer of mGBA) to your ROM.

There's 2 versions, a .ips patch and a .ups patch. Both are the same so use whichever you prefer.
.ips patches can be applied using an IPS Patcher like Lunar IPS

In this section you can find guides written by the Players of Pokémon Adventure - Red Chapter.

~Beta 11~
None at the moment.

~Beta 13~
-Pokémon Location List written by Lunos:
-Side Quest Starting Points List written by Lunos:

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