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Old 22nd December 2012, 12:28 PM   #1
RHO つぃちょう
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Linkandzelda Linkandzelda Linkandzelda
Default Let's Play Pokémon Shining Opal! [Heavy Images]

Well guys, it's 8:49 AM on a Saturday morning, I haven't slept properly for the last week and I'm bored. So I decided to play Shining Opal and do a text based let's play, because, why the heck not?

For the record, this is a blind play through as I don't often play other hacks. I always wanted to do one of these text based let's plays where I talk as the player, and give his possible thoughts and text responses.

So without further ado, let us start!

Oh oh, this looks like fun already *can't wait*

*waits a few seconds for screen to go away*

*facepalm* I get it, I didn't see it says on the bottom to press. This is what no sleep does to you!

That's more like i- hey wait a second...

Something just, feels off about this, situation...

Oh well, can't figure it out now.

Yay! Time to get started with a new ga- ahah!

I knew something felt strange after I opened this... Just like going back in time. This is just, fantastic, magic!

*wakes up a bit*

Ahem-ok let's get back on track.

(for the record, it's not that bad. I've seen worse.)

Moving swiftly onwards...



Right... Can we just start the game now?

It better be a good one... Or I'll whoop that prof's ass!

Late boat... Fog... Something just isn't clicking right here.

A dream huh, I don't remember any dre-

Yea, sorry about that sir. I got caught up with some Digletts and Fearows and, uh, on the way here... I'm not going into further details...

So, you need something prof.?

Uh, whatever you say, boss?

Oh wow, seriously!? THE Professor Oak?

*thinks to self this is too good to be real, oh, wait*

Yes? YES? Hurry and show me my Pok-


When do I get it? Where is this place gdi!?

Tell me where I have to g-

Hold up. So you're telling me, you don't even know who I am? You could be an imposter tempting me with a Pokémon!

This is, too sudden, I'm scared! Oh well, nothing to lose, guess I'll hand over my details...

... I don't know whether to be insulted or not... It should of been obvious thanks to my 3 inch beard...

Then again, I am only 10 years old so perhaps it wasn't so obvious that I'm a boy.

First my Gender, now my Name... What's next, my Social Security number!?

Oh what the heck... My name is...

Uh, I'm pretty sure that's what I said...

Look, buster! Can you just hurry up and give me a Pok-

Robbery of research?!? What is this madness I don't even!

What has it got to do with me?

Uh, what do I look like, a Psychic!?

Well, if I had to guess, it would probably be...

To pull off a robbery of research, it has to be Deus!

As I said I'm no Psychic! Just call her whatever you want, but I'll call her Deus!

We clear?! ¬_¬

So you knew it all along huh, and you still ask me??? Well, I guess it's nice to find out that I AM a Psychic after all

Wake up, you mean all of this is just a dream? And I didn't get to meet the real Professor Oak?

H-hold up old man! Don't go I still have questu-

Gah, people these days. I WILL FIND YOU PROFESSOR! Just you wait...

Oh yea, so that's what this dream was all about... Too bad it never happened though, I really want a Pokémon from Professor Oak!

Now then, where did I put that Milkshake...

Hi captain! Oh, he can't hear me...

Yay, so we're finally here! Hey, what the-

H-holy crap! I thought I was a goner for a second.

Gladly! If I stay around any longer this ship might go over!

Better make the most of the remaining time and drink this free Milkshake...

Right, time to get out of here!

Oh, going to check my email before I go. Maybe that Professor sent me an email or something...

.. That's a bit useless... It's 2012 and we can't even get Internet on a parked ship? ._.

Oh well, better get going now.

*get's out Boat Brochure map*

According to this, the exit is up those stairs there...

Uh, excuse me? I think you might have me confused with someone else. I just want to deboard the shi-

You need everyone off? Then, it should be natural to let me off right now?

Look, this isn't my problem, just let me off the ship!

I already said, I can't hel- oh? You'll pay me?

Sure, why didn't you say so sooner!

No problem at all.

(I'm doing it for the cash anyway...)

So? I'll do anything for some cas- I mean, we can open it somehow. Don't you have a master key or something?

Perfect, perfect...

Woah, I'm doing this all for 500 bucks? >_<

Oh well, guess I better get searching.

I wonder if that guy is in here.

Nope, totally empty...

Hehe, I wonder... Maybe they hid something in this bin, like a lottery ticket or something...

Figures, it's a bin after all... Now my hands are all dirty from this trash! WHY DID I DO THIS?!

*after some looking around the rooms*

Ahah! Without the master key this room would of been locked tight!

Now then, to see who's inside...

Oh, hi there! Why did you lock- Oh, he's sleeping.

Better shake him a bit to wake him up.

Oh, hi there mister. I have the master key, see?

*flashes master key*

It's a long story, just hurry up and get out so I can get my 500 bucks!

Yea man! You were conked out here the whole time. Now can you just leave...?

As I just said, get the hell out!

Wow, what a hassle... Now to go collect my 500 big ones!

YOU were impatient?? All I wanted was to get off this ship, so just hand over the cash buddy!

... wut, are you playing me for a fool?

Is this some kind of sick joke?? Whatever man, I'm outta here!

Awwwww. Nothing like the fresh sea breeze on a warm day.

Guess I should start to explore the town, and find that processor at, uh, Lake Zigger, I think that's the place.


And that's it for the first part. Let me know what you guys think, and I'll hopefully have another part up soon. It's now 12:29 pm so I spent a good few hours doing this lol.

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Old 22nd December 2012, 02:35 PM   #2
Let it go!
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Ooooo! The excitement of a new Let's Play

Keep doing this, for I am entertained by it~
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Old 22nd December 2012, 10:33 PM   #3
Emerald Hacker
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This is cool, I'll be keeping an eye on this. Let's Plays are awesome :)
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Old 22nd December 2012, 11:47 PM   #4
Shady's Back, Tell a Friend.
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Op, op, op, op, poke-opal style.

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Old 23rd December 2012, 02:47 AM   #5
What does this button do?.....
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Haha, keep it up this funny lol. xD
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Old 23rd December 2012, 08:21 AM   #6
RHO つぃちょう
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Linkandzelda Linkandzelda Linkandzelda

Well guys, it's now 7:07 am on Sunday. I'm leaving to go out of town to see my gran at 10, will be back on the 29th. What better time to start working on part 2?

So, last time we just got off the boat at Lake Zigger, so we're gonna carry on and explore.

Mmmm that breeze, so good! *checks clock*

Oh man, have I really been standing here for almost 24 hours!? This breeze is just THAT good!

Well, now that I'm at Lake Zigger, I can use the information from that dream with that old man Professor Oak. He said something about his grandson, I think...

Gonna take a look around and see what's up.

I wonder, what could be over there... Maybe, some sort of magical, hidden, secluded island with huge Pokémon!

Who knows...

Thanks, bud, I enjoyed the most part. UNTIL YOUR STAFF WASTED MY TIME!

Gah! I demand compensation with a full refund!

Sir, are you listening to me?


... I just got off, why would I want to go back again? And hey, don't change the subject like that!

Bah, thanks the the trip, I guess... Better start asking around about this grandson of the Professor. Someone must know something.

Hmm, I'm kind of scared to approach this lunatic. Who runs around in circles like that anyway...? o-o

Now I'm kinda curious as to why, what, where, how and when...

That's what the outside is for, so you can run and be free. Not run around in circles, probably making you sick!

Oh yea? Don't you have a GameBoy or something? I thought all kids had those...

Perhaps you can tell me about this grandson I'm looking for? No? Didn't think so...

Hoenn huh, heard of it, never will catch me there though!

Uh, excuse me, but can you tell me about this pro-

O. K....

Moving onwards!

This is nice, I bet the professor's grandson lives in some sort of laboratory, like Professor Oak does!

Neither of these looks like labs, though it could be a disguise to keep out intruders.

*wanders in unannounced*

Ahah! There you are! I've found you, profe-

Professor's grandson...?

Oh, sorry for bothering you, I thought you were someone else.

I'll be leaving n-

Uh, thanks for the pro tip. See ya!

Man that guy wasn't a single help, and he wasn't the professor's grandson... Perhaps, this "strange" guy is in fact the grandson I'm looking for!

What the, there's 2 people here. How do I know which one to ask first? >_<

I can imagine that coming in handy sometimes, yea.. I'm not here to battle you, so, no worries.

*moves over to the other person*

(this guy, looks like he could be a secret professor. Let's lift up his disguise!)

The game's up sir! I know it's you! You, you professor's grandson you!

Uh, cool...?

Wow, that was uh, totally useless information? Thanks for wasting my time, fake professor's grandson!

(that guy was right, he's a total nutter!)

At least you have the balls to admit it...

Back to the grand quest of searching, searching for this professor's grandson...

But, these guys wasted my time, I need to get some revenge...

I knew it, neatly stacked plates. A sure sign of OCD!

*steals a plate and messes up the rest*

Hehehehe... That should teach you for wasting my time. Better get out of here quick!

That was close, who knows what that guy would of done if he found out! Now to continue my search fo-

Yes, that's me, but, how did you know my name? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!?

A package eh? I bet this is some trick you use to get kids to visit your store!

"Hey kid, wanna see my package?" ...and then, OH GOD WHY!

Do I have a choice here? Sir. Sir, please let go of me.

W-wait I didn't agree to any of this!

This could be a trick the professor uses to contact outside targets. I guess, I'll go along with this just to make sure... But seriously, don't try anything on me old man, I have mastered the stick!

Oh, this is fun! It's like Christmas has come early!

Now, can you hand it ov-

Oh, a note... (I bet it's from that professor's grandson! Genius!)

You don't get tips... You did this of your own free will.

... Wait a sec, ONLY 100 bucks?!?! That's all my money! I bet you're working with that annoying sailor on the ship, aren't you??

Gah, this is, totally humiliating... Guess if I have to do this to get to the professor's grandson I have no choice but to fork over my cash... ;-;

If only mum didn't forget to give me this, I could of actually benefited from that sailor.

Finally, now just give it here!

*LINK tears open the package with excitement, wondering what could be waiting inside*

Wait wut, from Mum?? But I, thought this was the professor's grandson's doing!

But dayum, a shiny new Pokégear! This is amazing, and for just 100 bucks!

Thanks Mum! Thanks creepy old seller guy!

Now, how to get this setup and working...?

The R button huh?

Expn. Cards...? I'll have to look our for those! Who knows, might warrant some more bin raiding... Or, perhaps not. >_>

Thanks man, but I'll be off now.

Great balls...? If you're talking about what you think you are, that creepy old seller probably has some great balls.... O_O

This, is disturbing. Time to leave before someone calls the cops!

Wow, so much has happened, I can't even remember why I'm here...

Better try out this new Pokégear.

Huh? Not functioning...? Wonder if it needs batteries or something...

B3? What uh, is this some sort of error message? B3...? What on earth is this!

Better use the Pokégear to call mum and- oh wait, damn! I'll get you for this mum! Making me waste 100 bucks on a broken Pokégear! HOW COULD YOU?!?

...Oh yes, the professor's laboratory. Better search for that now.

Colby's house? Wonder who this guy is... Better check it out.

Did you just say, professor?? Where is this prof-

Cloning Pokémon? Wow, that's genius! Now I HAVE to find this guy right freaking now!

Colby? Is that the name of the professor? If not, then I'm not the slightest bit interested.

... wut? Why are you looking at me like that? It's freaking me out! STAPH!

Thanks. Thanks for letting me know something I had no concern about at all, and managing to freak me out in the process! ¬_¬

But, but! I thought all RPG's had open homes???

Oh well, maybe not in this case.

Uh, hi. ...Hello? Old lady? I'm trying to talk to you...

Woah... Those are the reddest eyes I've ever seen! Are you O-OK lady? I think you should take a seat somewhere.

No? That's fine, don't take my advice at all then.

Hey hey! This is a good tip! Gary Oak must be the professor's grandson!

Now then, if only this had more tips, like you know, an address...?

Hey lady, do you know where Gary Oak lives?

Uh, that's uh, good for you. Now can you tell me about Gar-

Look, I don't give 2 flying Fearows what your preferences are. I just want to get my Pokémon dammit! ._.

Why is everyone in this town so, annoying? ;-;

Maybe I'll stop talking to people, they are just not helping me with my life goal of finding Gary Oak...

Something about this route, just seems, normal? I'll take a look!

Oh, randy handyman? I've seen enough of this back at the PokéMart o_O


I, actually found the Pokémon lab belonging to Gary Oak, the Professor's grandson! Now my dream can come true!

*goes inside with a huge, beaming smile*

This is amazing! My first time in a real Pokémon Lab <3

Just so excited right now I can't breath!


There we have it for part 2! New part coming again soon

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Let it go!
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Nice installment LaZ! Lots of creepers in that town (check behind you frequently) but I'm sure you'll live through it (after all, it's Pokémon)!
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Working on Shining Opal, kinda
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It's one hell of a bump, but you really should continue this.
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Old 11th July 2013, 03:02 AM   #9
Pia Carrot
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Pia Carrot Pia Carrot Pia Carrot Pia Carrot

Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
It's one hell of a bump, but you really should continue this.
...And fix the images!

I'm a boob
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RHO つぃちょう
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Linkandzelda Linkandzelda Linkandzelda

Just read this over again and fixed all the images. Might continue it again soon (an update per year perhaps? lol).

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heavy, images, opal, play, pokemon, shining

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