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Default Pokemon Silver Destiny *Now Recruiting*

Hi There, Welcome to the Team Silver Destiny Thread! I am not requiring the best
hackers out there but I would like you to have some experience. All help is
appreciated but I don’t require you to be a pro all that I ask is that you
are dedicated and work on this hack at least 2 or 3 times a
week whenever you can. I also have a sequel planned with the story for the
first two games work out but it is tentative if you have ideas to put in I
will consider all ideas I want this to be the entire teams hack not just
mine I want this to be a community project. I do however ask that if you
do want to help that you are committed to it and you don't just help once
then we never speak again. I am very flexible and understand that everyone
has a life and can't work on a hack 24/7 so I won't get mad if I don't hear
from you for a day or two

Hack Info
Name: Pokemon Silver Destiny
ROM Base: Fire Red
Language: English May go for Translations Afterwards If I can find someone to do it and it is a successful hack
Progress: About 80% of the first BETA which goes up to the 1st gym maybe ruins of alph and like 3 towns and 4 Routes

What's Done
100% of maps needed for first alpha and beta. Most of the scripts and tiles.

Some of the names and locations, and events of this hack are based off of Pokemon Gold Silver and Crystal. This Hack will also contain things that might not have been in the game's story that I or other team members have come up with. This is a Non-Profit Fan Based Game. With Ideas from the fans who just want to contribute to the Pokemon fan base. Please support the official release. (Insert legal mumbo jumbo here) I claim no rights to pokemon. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Game freak.

Story Info
So it is basically the events of G/S/C but from Silver's (the rival) point of view) but definitely not the story we all know. Giratina grows restless in the distortion world and wants out to get revenge on arceus but the only problem is he cannot do it on his own. So he takes control of many pokemon and humans to do his bidding. You wake up in a strange region that you have never been to with no memory other than you must free Giratina and that your name is Silver. The only way to free Giratina is to break the 3 seals contained by Azelf Uxie and Mesprit the keepers of knowledge emotion and willpower. The gym leaders are in a secret organization that constantly trys to stop you and you must defeat them before they can stop you
But you break free of his control and regain all your memories (around the 3rd or 4th gym) and as punishment Giratina captures Mars,your mom, and drags her to the distortion world and you have to travel to sinnoh to free her (second game) but first you have to break team rocket free of Giratinas control

Main Cast
Silver- Our main hero yes hero he is a good guy in this game xD

Ethan-The foolish child who is always in your way

Demetria- A woman who watches the main hero she has a mysterious past. She always seems to show up in random places
Later to be discovered as cresselia

Silas- A man who lives in the shadows that always tries to stop you from completing your journey
Darkrai who under Giratinas control tries to stop you. Acts as a second rival

Rose-She is the first person you meet in Johto with flaming red hair just like you could there be a connection?

Masked man-He seems to have known you before you lost your memory and is always asking after someone named green. Just who is this man?

Planned Features

-An Exciting New Story
-New trainer sprites
-New Trainer Classes
-Ruins, Factories, and Mountains
-Retyping where I see fit
-Some 4/5 gen pokemon
-Starter give aways. There will be people throughout Johto that will give you one of the starters so keep your eyes peeled
-DNS system
-The Battleground (A new concept kind of like the trainer tower but after each badge you advance another room and at the end there is a special event)
-The return of...Wait for it... Joey's TOP PERCENTAGE RATTATA XD he will appear more than once to battle you
-New sprites I really don't like the gen 3 sprites
-Appearances from team Aqua and Magma and maybe team galactic if I can find a spriter
-Some plot points from the adventures manga
-You start out with a sneasel
-You can only pick totodile as a starter but the starter give aways make up for it
-649 pokemon

Help needed:
-Icons for the pokemon in party
-Map warps I don't know why this is just so confusing for me
-Not exactly a job but if you plan on playing I beg for your opinion on whether or not to include the theory of Giovanni being Silver's Dad
-Some trainer OW sprites for a few characters
-Cry inserter
-In battles trainer sprites (like how you battle a trainer you see them before they send out a pokemon)
-Someone who can change the name and sprites of badges
-Trainer editor (as far as editing which pokemon a trainer has and putting in the battles as I don't know how to do this :P )
-Tile inserter not many but there are some very essential tiles needed for the first beta
-I need some story line helpers don't be offended if you apply we start talking and I don't accept your ideas I am really open unless it conflicts or changes the feel of the game

Team Members/Credits:
- Luxray Hacker Me (Story and Leader)
- Luxray Hacker Verde Ware (Mapping)
-Luxray Hacker Verde Ware (Pokemon inserts and spriting)
-Shadow Wolf (Cry inserts)
-The DS-style 64x64 Pokémon Sprite Resource (some sprites)
-Manadhon (scripter ASM)

Hacking Career: (How Long have you Been Hacking)
Other hacks you may have worked on: (If you haven’t that’s fine)
Proof of previous work: (Again not a requirement)
How often you Get Online (provide timezone as well anywhere is fine):
Primary Contact (Facebook E-Mail Twitter Etc)
Availability: (I know everyone has a life so I don't expect you to work on it 24/7)
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Old 14th January 2016, 08:52 PM   #2
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Hey. Im MegaCharizard01. I excell at pokemon editing like moves, stats, evolution, types etc.
I can also manage trainer editing, as i have a lot of patience. Please i would be glad to be of help.
Here are my details:
Hacking Career: 1 and a half years.
Hacks i have helped with:none
Online: Roughly 3 times a day.
Primary Contact: email me at [email protected]

That would be all thanks. Please this will be a great first attempt for me and help me learn more about hacking.

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Old 15th January 2016, 02:43 AM   #3
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Default Please recruit me!

I am a 11 year old male who loves pokemon and is starting to get into hacking and this would be a great starter for me! [email protected] is my email (i'm best at story editing!)

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destiny, hacking, pokemon, recruiting, silver, [GBA]

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