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Lightbulb Pokemon Wolf Start Up

For the last month and a half i have been would with my followers on twitch to make a rom hack named Pokemon Wolf. It has been going strong BUT some hic-ups have got into the way, mainly the coding problem. as i have Windows 8.1, MOST apps i have found freeze or glitch out on my PC, so other then that it has been going well. here is the details in simple form. (SO MANY SPOILERS, SO MUCH TIME)
Main Story:

Ho-oh gets stolen from its home and you see it happen. You turn silence when you see this happen, never speaks again. A day later you hear about the 3 legendary dogs destroying towns and boats. Professor Tembusu state that you need to go on a journey to find and stop the Aura being destroyed, and gives you your starting Pokémon in Meiku Town. Before you leave Meiku Town, you are stopped by your Rival and Flare, one of the E4. Your Rival tells you that Flare is there Dad, and he wants your Rival to go on a journey with you.

Form this point on they act like your friend and rival. While going to the next town, Haku Town, you see the damage done by Entei. You go thought a Mushroom Valley that is next to the volcano to get to Fujitsu Town. After beating the 1st gym in the Fujitsu Town, an Evil team appears. They start to steal all the charcoal. You stop them and find out they were looking for a Power charcoal to calm down Entei. However the person who owns it doesn’t trust them and en-trusts you with the item.

In Kajoriu Town you see and hear that it has not stop raining since Ho-oh Disappearing. This is due to Suicune; however other than puddles the town is fine. You battle your rival for the 1st time after the second they recognises you. They have 3 Pokémon you beat then they tell you they can’t get into their house due to a puddle got too deep in front of their house.

You climb a Snowy Mountain to get to the 5th Town, Buruburu City, when you try and get into the gym it tells you, that you need goggles. You look around the city and the guy who sold them just sold the last two to a person who turns out to be your rival. They battle you again and have done some levelling and got a new Pokémon. They give you the goggles after beating them. You beat the 2nd gym and go and talk to her brother giving you a Ship ticket to pass the gate for the boat to take you too Shippou City.

Where you see Team Aura trying to obtain Mythic waters on the boat and are stopped by you. After enter the city you look around and find the 3rd gym leader, you cheer him up and he returns to his gym, When you try and leave the city to go to Saiyu City, your rival stops you and gives you the item Mythic waters but says they isn’t ready for the next battle yet.

You get to the front of a forest but it’s so dense that you need flash for it. You get thought the forest then your Rival is ready to battle you now, but says “Don’t go easy on me for that gift I gave you”. Doesn’t matter if you beat them or not they fully heal your Pokémon then leaves thinking out loud while walking.

You go into the gym and get to the 3rd gym leader. You beat the gym leader, but he tells you to go to the cave on the left where you find a lost girl you take her out of the cave and she gives you HM Strength and a sad event Mawile she found in the cave (Shiny Mega Mawile with Sucker Punch, Curse, Iron Head, Double-Edge). Afterwards you carry on going to Hiyoku Town, where the 4th gym leader is. You get to the front door and your rival runs out saying “This gym was easy, I didn’t even need to level up my Pokémon. But I don’t want to battle you.”

You beat the 4th gym leader and a call comes in that Daze is having problems with power and asked for people around for help. The Gym leader says that only one Gym leader nearby that can help her and that’s the Rock Gym Leader, Thomas. His family built the land and the building we lived in. In fact his family was the reason why the legendary dogs and Ho-oh called this there second home. If anyone can help with the power and your problem it’s him. You go to Jansiu Town, you try and battle him but he refuses until you have earned respect for everything.

You then walk out and an Elder tells you the whole story of this land, and why Thomas is the way he is. The elder tell you about the top of the mountain there are Black Rocks, and says that will show that you will respect everything as long as you only take the Black Rock and not a Master Ball. When you have climbed the mountain and got the Black Rock, you give it to Thomas and checks if you a master ball. If you have no master ball then he will battle you.

After defeating Thomas he said you can go back and get a master ball and he will help Daze get her power back online on balance. You go back up there and team Aura will be there looking for the Unbreakable Magnet. You beat all of them but your rival beats one of the bosses on top and tells you some Intel that there are 4 Bosses, the Main Boss has the Ho-oh captured already, and the other 3 are trying to get there legendary items to detain them and turn them back into what they were once before (the 3 Eevees) and you also find out they have stolen 3 master balls.

Then Thomas calls you saying that you can now get to Bankju City. Where Daze gym is back up and running. *you can battle her and she gives you an Eevee with four rare moves for whatever you turn it into (The 3 Elemental Hyper beams and Crunch)* you surf to one of the 3 Isles named Enju Isle. On Enju you beat the 6th gym leader and tell you to go to his house where he tells you that his New TV has been messing up and wants you to go and fix it.

You battle a Rotom (TV form, Catchable) and then get the Unbreakable Magnet from the TV. Then your professor calls you and says that the Sacred Volcano is losing the energy. You go to the 7th gym on Okinowu Isles, when you beat him he tells you that you need to rush to Sacred Volcano and beat Team Aura as he senses them there. You try and go up there but your rival battles you again.

When beaten they say “I will get to the top 1st and save them from team Aura.” You battle all the grunts and to get to the top you need all 3 legend items in your bag. On the top there you see the 3 legendary dogs just standing there with a Boss leader that you saw at each town. Behind them but in front of you is your rival, each one says to the legendary dogs “your running out of energy, it won’t be long before you return to your Cardinal forms (AKA Flareon, Vaporeon, Jolteon)”

The Legendary dogs try one more big burst of energy however because you was on the peak. Their attacks were drawn to you and then they turned into their Cardinal forms. Before the team leaders throw their master balls, you and your rival challenged each one in a battle (you choose 2 he gets the 3rd one). After that they run away saying something about “The big boss won’t be happy about who beat us. Should we tell him?” Then the legendary dogs tell them that their powers won’t return unless you give the items to them. The items transforms them once and only once in a unrepeatable process (aka one way trip). You give them the legend items and they returned to you as normal ones (plain charcoal, Plain magnet, Play Mystic water). They say “Thanks, but hear our warning. One of you will learn the truth; the over will show them it. At the end one shall fall and cry, the other will rise and rejoice.”

Your rival doesn’t understand their warning, then says see you in the 8th gym; it’s just a dive away. You get to the 8th gym and you see Flare outside he says he is here to see well done for getting the 8th badge. And says well done to the both of you for beating team Aura. Then your rival out saying I did it dad. Then he sees you and asks for the final battle before he tries and get through victory road, (need to win event) when your rival is beaten he admits that he only beat one and you beat two to their dad which he had before lied saying that you had beaten all 3 of them, Flare was surprised saying “you beat one of them… well done my son/daughter”.

You go and beat the 8th on Arju Isles. You go through victory road, and get to the E4 area, where you can speak to your rival, they tell you that they can’t go and try and be the champion due to their father is one of the E4 and has to wait until they find someone that can replace him to make it fair, but tell you good luck. You get to flare after beating the 1st one, and he tells you that are were all him and he was the TRUE leader of Team Aura. After you win the battle he gets found out by the police and his kid’s finds out too. The police tell him that being an E4 he can’t be jailed but can't leave anymore.

Also the Kid is told that he can NEVER be the champ due to this. Your rival then blames you for this and says they will ever forget about it. While their rant, you remember and repeat in your head what the legendary dogs said “Thanks, but hear our warning. One of you will learn the truth; the over will show them it. At the end one shall fall and cry, the other will rise and rejoice.” Then you say in your head “which one am i?” you get thought the other E4 people and get to the champion.

The Champion says before you face her. “Oh a trainer, you can call me Elspeth. It's been awhile since someone has walked up those steps. However I am not surprised you got this far, beating Team Aura, beating all the gym leaders with so ease, I knew one day I would see you here, what you don’t know who I am? That is ok you was young when I met you. This is and will be our 3rd encounter so it’s time. Now we must battle to determine the strongest trainer in Aisu! Let’s Battle!” the game ends when you beat her.

Post Story:

You return home and your mother hears that Elspeth knew you. She tells you that she has no clue, but remembers that Professor Tembusu wanted a talk. You go to his lab where he asks to battle you; he has the 3 starters at level 69. When beaten, he tells you that the volcano is open for you to see and only you as you have earned the respect. He also tells you that Ho-oh was release from Flare’s hands.
You return to the volcano where you get to see the 4 legendary Pokémon. You can battle any of them once BUT you must talk to Ho-oh and he tells you about Thomas’s Family made this place and the designers of the land still live in Bankju City. You get over there and battle 6 of them.

Then the last one, Tommo, gives you a Time Ticket to a hidden island that is only designed for the champion. You get on to the boat at Shippou City, and take you to a cave. The captain tells you someone followed you here but ran off before we could stop them and warns you they could be anywhere. You enter the cave where there is a dive area, you dive and the re-surface at a cave entrance.

You see Elspeth here and said “Hello for the 2nd time, you have not beaten me just yet. I saw you as a child and saw you grew up all to become the champion that I am. You still don’t know who I am, I am your mother. The cave entrance is a portal for time, its takes you to an unknown time in an unknown world. It is different for everyone; enter my son, you shall do what you need to do.” It takes you to the future of Aisu, where it is now just an island.

A person welcomes you here; he says “Welcome to Aisu, this is where the Ultimatums live. There are 21 trainers: 17 of them are based on 1 type each, so there is Grass, Fire, Water, Flying, Rock, Fighting, Ground, Normal, Bug, Ice, Ghost, Poison, Electric, Steel, Psychic, Dragon and Dark Ultimatum. Each trainer also has grass around them, wild Pokémon in the grass with be the same type. After beating them you are given a key to unlock the door to the final 4, where after you beat them and then you will be known as a roaming Ultimatum. You are only allowed to enter if you have beaten 4 region’s E4, which your Trainer card would say, let me just check with our machine”

He walks to the device and then talks back to you. “You look very young for a 66 year old, but your card says you are allowed thought, as you have once beaten one of the Final 4 Ultimatums. Which is a loop hoop I didn’t know about until now.” After beating all 17 Ultimatums, you hear that someone broke the gate. It turns out that it was your rival form your time, they battles you one more time, when you beat them they say “Well I knew you were the better one. But I just thought… well this shall be the last time we meet… and I want to tell you that I lo…” then they run and cry away.

The 1st E4 Ultimatum is Red (normal team but with Mewtwo) when beaten, he says nothing but gives you a Kanto ticket to go to Cinnabar Island where you get to catch your own Mewtwo and battle Blaze. The 2nd E4 Ultimatum is Wes (Espeon, Umbreon, the 3 Legendary Dogs, T-Tar/Megagross/Togetic) when beaten, nothing happens other than the door opening. The 3rd E4 Ultimatum is J-Witts (Hoppip, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???). When beaten, he gives you a YouTube ticket to go and see the YouTube Resort, where youtubers take their breaks.

You walk up the mountain, at the peak you hear someone say “you have got this far” one more step forward you hear them again “I didn’t think you would get this far” one more step forward “You are the only one that will know about this” then you walk up to him and you work out its Thomas, he says “I am still live you are wondering, this Region was made by me, and in return of me giving Ho-oh and the dogs a home, Ho-oh Gave me Internal life. Ho-oh said to me that I could choose one person to live my life with… but I could never admit who I love that I loved her. She passed away without even knowing that I loved her. But I have an idea, but 1st I need to beat you so get ready for the final battle you will ever face” (Mawile Event Pokémon, Aggron, Flygon, Shedinja, Rotom TV form, Ho-oh).

When you beat him, he say “Even with the time have has passed I still can’t beat you. No matter, I have something I want you to give to me, it’s a letter. Give it to me in the past and I shall do the rest. Remember if you do this the portal will break, time will change and anyone here will be stuck forever if from your timeline”. When you return to your time, you fly to Jansiu Town, where you give him the letter.

He say “What a letter from me… it must have been the portal, what you didn’t think I didn’t know about it. I was the founder of it; it took you to a place where I was. It is 50 years in the future and I still didn’t do what I wanted to do ever since I knew her. Thanks this gives me the confidence to ask her out, but can you still be there. I know she is in her house with a broken foot, could you come with me and with you behind me the champion I will tell her everything you showed me. You get to Fujitsu Town and go to the house next to the gym, where you find Isabella and Thomas. You nudge to Thomas and he says “Right now you are here, lets explain the case.”

The screen goes Black for a little while with “3 minutes later”. She says “Wow your family didn’t make this place but you did by yourself. You frightened me; I was told by the elder that you never show your feelings. The truth is… I love you too.” Both you and Thomas step back one. Then Thomas says “Why did you never say anything before?” she says “Well it’s the guy normally to take the 1st step, so I just thought I would die alone. But no more, thank you <Trainer> with no voice you still helped us get together.”

When you try and step out of the door, Thomas gets a call. He tells you “Toph is feeling something moving, can you go and check it out please. I am going to be busy.” You go to Arju Isles and enter the gym. You go and talk to Toph and she tells you “I feel the Rocks moving, the Ice freezing and the Steel Grind. I called the Rock gym leader but I guess… you will have to do. The Rock is moving at Victory Road, The Ice is freezing at Snowy Mountain and the Steel grinding at Mawile Cave. Rush over to these places and see what is going on.” Each place has a hidden cave where the Regis lives.

When got all 3, return to Toph and if you have freed all of the Regis she gives you a Bird Ticket. The Bird Ticket takes you to 3 islands where the 3 legendary birds are catchable. When you have beaten all 3 birds you unlock Lugia. When beaten or got the game seems to end. HOWEVER when you have at least seen all 235 other Pokémon, you return to the Time Cave, where you face Mew. Caught or beaten, doesn’t matter. After the battle he says “Well done you have finished the game. Why have you never said a word you might be thinking? Well I shall tell you, when you saw Ho-oh being taken away Ho-oh, Ho-oh tried and cursed the person who stole here… but it was sent to you instead, knowing that one day you would save them. But now I shall set the curse FREE” then you say at the top of your voice “I CAN TALK… but why now when I have done everything did I need my voice back” the screen goes black and then says “you have finished your sleep you may return to the real world.” The game then just ends.

1. Chikorita (Starter)
2. Bayleaf
3. Meganium
4. Chamander (Starter)
5. Charmenion
6. Charizard
7. Mudkip (Starter)
8. Marshtomp
9. Swampert
10. Lillipup
11. Herdier
12. Stoutland
13. Paras (MF)
14. Parasect
15. Shroomish (MF)
16. Breloom
17. Zigzagoon
18. Linoone
19. Poliwag
20. Poliwhirl
21. Poliwrath
22. Politoed (Evolve Happiness)
23. Squirtle
24. Wartortle
25. Blastoise
26. Sewaddle
27. Swadloon
28. Leavanny
29. Sneasel
30. Weavile
31. Geodude
32. Graveler (Evolve at Lv 18)
33. Golem (Evolve at Lv 36)
34. Machop
35. Machoke (Evolve at Lv 18)
36. Machamp (Evolve at Lv 36)
37. Pidgey
38. Pidgeotto
39. Pidgeot
40. Smeargle
41. Snover (SM)
42. Abomasnow
43. Delibird (SM)
44. Swinub (SM)
45. Piloswine
46. Snorunt (SM)
47. Glalie
48. Froslass
49. Spinarak
50. Ariados
51. Ledyba
52. Ledian
53. Emolga
54. Oddish (DF)
55. Gloom (DF)
56. Vileplume
57. Bellossom
58. Nidoran (M)
59. Nidorino (M)
60. Nidoking (M)
61. Nidoran (F)
62. Nidorina (F)
63. Nidoqueen (F)
64. Meowth
65. Persian
66. Tyrogue
67. Hitmontop
68. Hitmonlee
69. Hitmonchan
70. Ponyta
71. Rapidash
72. Growlithe
73. Arcanine
74. Axew
75. Fraxure
76. Haxorus
77. Sheildon
78. Bastiodon
79. Dunsparce
80. Kabuto
81. Kabutops
82. Chansey
83. Blissey
84. Nincada
85. Ninjask
86. Shedinja
87. Zubat
88. Golbat
89. Crobat
90. Mawile (Forme Change)
91. Onix
92. Steelix (Evolve at Lv 30 + use Metal coat)
93. Hipopotas
94. Hippowdon
95. Poochyhena
96. Mightyena
97. Houndour
98. Houndoom
99. Trapinch
100. Vibrava
101. Flygon
102. Riolu
103. Lucario
104. Chimchar
105. Monferno
106. Infernape
107. Aron
108. Lairon
109. Aggron
110. Bonsly
111. Sudowoodo
112. Larvitar
113. Pupitar
114. Tyranitar
115. Skarmory
116. Munchlax
117. Snorlax
118. Castform
119. Electrike
120. Manectric
121. Treecko
122. Grovyle
123. Scepltile
124. Wooper
125. Quagsire
126. Eevee
127. Jolteon
128. Vaporeon
129. Flareon
130. Umbeon
131. Espeon
132. Drifloon
133. Drifblim
134. Frillish
135. Jellicent
136. Carvanha
137. Sharpedo
138. Lapras
139. Clamperl
140. Huntail
141. Gorebyss
142. Seedot
143. Nuzleaf
144. Shiftry
145. Cacnea
146. Cacturne
147. Golett
148. Golurk
149. Grimer
150. Muk
151. Purrloin
152. Liepard
153. Hoppip
154. Skiploom
155. Jumpluff
156. Bronzor
157. Bronzong
158. Smoochum
159. Jynx
160. Makuhita
161. Hariyama
162. Mankey
163. Primeape
164. Lunatone
165. Solrock
166. Cubone
167. Marowak
168. Trubbish
169. Garbodor
170. Murkrow
171. Honchkrow
172. Blitzle
173. Zebstrika
174. Misdreavus
175. Mismagius
176. Absol
177. Torkoal
178. Slugma
179. Magcargo
180. Heatmor
181. Darumaka
182. Darminatan
183. Mareep
184. Flaaffy
185. Ampharos
186. Litwick
187. Lampent
188. Chandulre
189. Pichu
190. Pikachu
191. Raichu
192. Numel
193. Camerupt
194. Shuppet
195. Banette
196. Joltik
197. Galvantula
198. Skitty
199. Delcatty
200. Vanillite
201. Vanillish
202. Vanilluxe
203. Pineco
204. Forretress
205. Metitite
206. Medicham
207. Heracross
208. Pinsir
209. Shuckle
210. Ditto
211. Gastly
212. Haunter
213. Gengar
214. Spritomb
215. Sableye
216. Dratini
217. Dragonair
218. Dragonite
219. Beldum
220. Metang
221. Metagross
222. Rotom (TV forme)
223. Latias
224. Latios
225. Raikou
226. Entei
227. Suicune
228. Ho-oh
229. Articuno
230. Zapdos
231. Moltres
232. Lugia
233. Regirock
234. Regice
235. Registeel
236. Mew
237. Mewtwo

Coding/ Scripting Editor:
Cut Scene Editor:
Trainer Overworld Sprites Editor: TheOnegaGamer (Twitch) + Reviece (Twitch)
Map Overworld Sprites Editor: Reviece (Twitch)
Mapping Editor: Jack Wood (pokemonhackersonline)
Trainer Sprites Editor: Reviece (Twitch)
Pokémon Sprites Maker: Reviece (Twitch)
Pokémon Sprites Adder:
Music 32–Bit Editor (Maybe):
Pokédex Editor:
Map Editor:
Front Screen Editor+Adder:
Pokémon Cry Editor+Adder:

Gym Leaders:
Gym 1:
Isabella Intro: Hi I am Isabella. Being the 1st gym might be weak but I love the untapped potential of my normal types! Give me all you've got trainer!
Badge: Love Badge
Lv: 10 – Lillipup (M), 12 – Zigzagoon (F)
TM: Attract
GL Win: I knew my normal types were filled with power!
GL Lose: I guess I haven't tapped into their potential yet.
Gym Style: Heart shape maze
Background: Teenager that is in love with Thomas. But is scared to ask him out as because he is a Rock trainer. Has a mother that feeds her and keeps an eye on her spare Pokémon. Despite what you might think, her favourite Pokémon is actually poochyena.
Obtain: HM Cut
Trainers: 2

Gym 2:
Elsa (on ice skates) (Comes to where you are): Sorry about making you get goggles but it's the only way to see through the snow. My name is Elsa the second gym leader however, don’t think I'll go easy on you!
Badge: Snowman Badge
Lv: 17 – Snover, 19 – Delibird, 20 – Swinub
TM: Ice Beam
Win: i guess I had an avalanche of a victory
Lose: I guess I frozen up that battle.
Gym Style: Sootopolis Gym (major changes)
Background: Has a Brother, Which teases her when she was young. But both have grown up but she still thinks he would bully her and laugh at her if she loses; but he wouldn’t. Anytime she is beaten she bursts into tears. She has an icy exterior to push away people who might bully her.
Details: she looks like the girl Elsa from Frozen BUT she needs to not look 100% like her. (If this makes sense) (Female)
Obtain: HM Flash
Trainers: 3

Gym 3:
Robin (Is at the window): Is it beautiful to see Pokémon fly is it not? Robin is the name, and I fight for the good cause. Let’s go!
Badge: Soar Badge
Lv: 27 – Golbat, 28 – Pidgeotto, 31– Emogla
TM: Aerial Ace
Win: I knew my Pokémon would soar me to victory
Lose: looks like I crash landed
Gym Style: Fortree Gym (Minor changes)
Background: He likes just jumping around to try to fly
Details: Same as Elsa. He is Teen Titan (Male)
Obtain: HM Fly
Trainers: 3 (one of trainers would say they wish they could fly like the bird Pokémon)

Gym 4:
Christopher (Is looking at notebook): Just taking some notes in between battles. Christopher was the name I got. And you don’t forget it.
Badge: Web Badge
Lv: 32 – Ledian, 36 – Ariados, 33 – Parasect
TM: Signal Beam
Win: Strategy was the key to victory.
Lose: time for me to bug off.
Gym Style: Sticky floors (unable to walk, moves slow when running)
Background: (coming Soon)
Details: Nerd looking Bugsy (no Net) (Male)
Obtain: HM Strength

Gym 5:
Thomas: Greetings, I’m Thomas. Live for the strong will of rock types! How they can withstand anything! Try and stop my ultimate defence!
Badge: Jewel Badge
Lv: 36 – Sudowoodo, 1 – Aron (Shell Bell), 38 – Magcargo, 41 – Kabutops
TM: Rock Tomb
Win: A good defence is an even greater offense!
Lose: …
Gym Style: Rustboro Gym (minor changes with Rock changes)
Details: (Male)
Obtain: HM Suft
Trainers: 0

Gym 6:
Mijou: Hello trainer, do you like my garden? All of my grass pokemon help me take care of it
Badge: Arbor Badge
Lv: 42 – Scepltile, 39 – Cacturne, 45 – Leavanny, 42 – Breloom
TM: SolarBeam
Win: I knew that my grass types could do it!
Lose: Somehow, I knew you would mow me over in battle.
Gym Style: Basic forme of Gardenia Gym (using Cut)
Details: (Female)
Trainers: 4

Gym 6A (this is like the Fighting Gym in gen 1):
Daze: Oh, I didn't see you trainer! I was feeding the Eevee's. However it seems now I have to abide to my duties. En Guarde.
TM: Return
Lv: 35 – Eevee, 37 – Espeon, 37 – Jolteon, 37 – Vaporeon, 37 – Flareon, 37 – Umbeon.
Win: I guess its beginners luck and the Love of Pokémon that helped me win,
Lose: Well, at least I tried.
Gym Style: Jasmine Gen2 Gym (no change)
Background: (coming soon)
Details: (Female)
Trainers: 1

Gym 7:
Phantom: Did you like my gym? Some people never make it out. Phantom the name, Dark is my gain.
TM: Thief
Badge: Void Badge
Lv: 48 – Mightyena, 48 – Houndoom, 50 – Sableye, 53 – Sharpedo.
Win: You started a dark age for me
Lose: You sucked me into the void
Gym Style: Dewford Gym (No change)
Background: (Coming Soon)
Details: Purple and Blue Ninja (Male)
Trainers: 5 (Ninjaben10 is a son and a trainer)

Gym 8:
Toph: hi I'm Toph the ground type leader of this region, if you beat me you can go to the elite 4, however I won't let that happen! Ha Ha ha!
TM: Earthquake
Badge: Land Badge
Lv: 53 – Nidoqueen, 55 – Flygon, 54 – Quagsire, 57 – Hippowdon, 61 – Golurk.
Win: That was an earthshakingly great battle!
Lose: That battle knocked me off my feet!
Gym Style: Lavaridge Gym (Minor/Major changes)
Background: (Coming Soon)
Details: Same as Robin and Elsa (Female)
Trainers: 5


1st E4
Oren: I grew up with my parents dead by rogue pokemon from that point forward i became, Oren the man with a heart of steel!
Lv: 63 – Steelix, 64 – Bastiodon, 64 – Skarmory, 65 – Mawile, 67 – Bronzong.
Win: that's the strength of steel that I control!
Lose: my power wasn't enough this time…
Background: coming soon

2nd E4
Flare: Well I didn’t guess you would beat my team to obtain the legendary dogs. No matter I have the legendary Ho-oh! Im Flare, LEADER of Team Aura.
Lv: 64 – Arcanine, 64 – Camerupt, 65 – Chandulre, 70 – Ho-oh (Changes to Charizard when he loses the 1st time).
Win: I finally could crush your dream!
Lose: but, but, but … I had the legendary Ho-oh (I didn’t expect to beat you)

3rd E4
Shadow: Sorry trainer it must have taken a while to get all the way here but, I'm here to make sure that won't go and further. I know, I’m Shadow.
Lv: 64 – Ganger, 65 – Shedninja, 65 – Banette, 66 – Drifblim, 68 – Jellicent.
Win: back to the beginning with you!
Lose: sigh, I guess you can move on …
Background: (coming soon)

4th E4
BACKGROUND: (coming soon)

Elspeth: oh a trainer, you can call me Elspeth. It's been awhile since someone has walked up those steps. Now we must battle to determine the strongest trainer in <Region>! Let’s Battle!
Lv: 67 – Blissey, 68 – Raichu, 68 – Politoed, 69 – Frosslass, 71 – Bellossom, 72 – Lucario.
Win: it seems that you haven't reached your full potential yet. Come back when you have.
Lose: Well done <Insert trainer name>, the battle was divine and perfect.
Background: (coming soon)

IDEAS that i want to see if they COULD work:
HM Cut becomes an Aptitude for Grass/Normal Pokémon can do.
HM Flash becomes an Aptitude for Electric/Fire Pokémon can do.
HM Fly becomes an Aptitude for Flying Pokémon can do.
HM Strength becomes an Aptitude for Fighting/Ground/Rock/Steel Pokémon can do.
HM Surf becomes an Aptitude for Ice Pokémon can do on Water and Fire Pokémon can do on Lava
HM Waterfall becomes an Aptitude for Fully Evolved Water Pokémon can do.
HM Dive becomes an Aptitude for Water Pokémon over Lv 30 can do.
Move Dig becomes an Aptitude for Ground Pokémon over Lv 30 can do.
Move Teleport becomes an Aptitude for Psychic Pokémon over Lv 30 can do.
Move Rock Smash becomes an Aptitude for Rock/Fighting Pokémon over Lv 30 can do.
Move Sweet Scent becomes an Aptitude for Grass Pokémon over Lv 30 can do.
Ghost becomes Special
Dragon becomes Psychical

01 Attract (Normal Gym Leader)
02 Ice Beam (Ice Gym Leader)
03 Aerial Ace (Flying Gym Leader)
04 Signal Beam (Snatch Replacement/ Bug Gym Leader)
05 Rock Tomb (Rock Gym Leader)
06 SolarBeam (Grass Gym Leader)
07 Thief (Dark Gym Leader)
08 Earthquake (Ground Gym Leader)
09 Return (Daze’s TM)
10 Hidden Power
11 Sunny Day
12 Rain Dance
13 Hail
14 Sandstorm
15 Hyper Beam
16 Blizzard
17 Fire Blast
18 Hydro Pump
19 Perish Song
20 Safeguard
21 Taunt
22 Toxic
23 Iron Tail
24 Thunderbolt
25 Thunder
26 Dragon Claw
27 Frustration
28 Facade
29 Psychic
30 Shadow Ball
31 Brick Break
32 Double Team
33 Steel Wing
34 Shadow Punch
35 Flamethrower
36 Sludge Bomb
37 Skill Swap
38 Giga Drain
39 Roar
40 Megahorn
41 Explosion
42 Rest
43 Snore
44 Mirror Coat
45 Calm Mind
46 Light Screen
47 Counter
48 Bulk up
49 Reflect
50 Protect

If you think something could be changed please tell me. I came up with most of the story. i am able to use knowledge of pokemon to make a good story based around them. please tell me what you think?

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Looks pretty good, although i personally won't play it because i hate gen 5/6 pokemon. I like how you made ghost special and dragon physical, it makes sense. How far along is this?
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Originally Posted by Taconinja View Post
Looks pretty good, although i personally won't play it because i hate gen 5/6 pokemon. I like how you made ghost special and dragon physical, it makes sense. How far along is this?
i hate gen 6, SOME gen 5 was ok not the wrost but its at least better then gen 6. the only think i like from gen 6 is My mascot got abit better lol. but we have DONE alot my friend is doing sprites but is slow due to he is making 3 roms worth of sprites. We still have not found a coder sadly . here is a link for the file: and here is the link the the team:
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Default Just wandering

When this game be out I would love to play it?
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Nice story
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