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Old 16th October 2015, 03:30 AM   #1
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Question [ROMBASE] Pokémon Fire Red Complete

I'm working on a rom base to be used in future hacks, figured I'd post information about it here ahead of time, while the ideas are still fresh.

Current Features

~ All Pokémon obtained in one game! - This includes all legendary 'mons and all other 'mons up to 386!*
~ DeCap - Used Anti-Exploud from Gen 3 Tools. Certain text has yet to be DeCap'd. (the introduction, though it will be slightly edited/updated later anyway, possibly other things Anti-Exploud may have missed, not a big deal either way as I plan to fix all text later anyway)
~ Starter gets Leftovers - Simple as that, your starter is holding leftovers when you get it. This is subject to change, but it's not exactly gamebreaker. Might change, might not, depending on feedback.
~ Updated Maps - Some maps are getting a few small updates, as this rombase will assume some time has passed since Ash/Red has gone through.**
~ Small bugfixes - Fixed, thanks to this tool made by AgentGeo.
~ TEMPORARY - A bunch of legendary 'mons are available in Route 1/2 (and Mew in Pallet, grass in southwest corner of town) THESE WILL BE MOVED ELSEWHERE IN THE NEAR FUTURE! This was a temporary way to remind myself later that they will need to be added. Also let me get Vulpix in Route 1~! <3

*After a quick test play up to badge 3 I realized that the fossil 'mons haven't been properly edited. At this time you are forced to choose either Omanite or Kabuto, this and others will be fixed as they are discovered.
**Subject to change with or without notice!

Additional Information
Originally, this was going to be a hack for a friend, one that wouldn't be available online, because this certain friend hates not having his favorite 'mons available except via trading. I decided to make this hack on a whim and plan to update plenty of things in the near future and ultimately provide this as a rom base for future use.

Future Features
~ At this time, I'm simply awaiting feedback and finishing off the tasks already in the feature list. Refer to the list below to see what is already in game and what is currently planned/in progress.

~ 386 in one - 95%
~ DeCap - 98%
~ Updated Maps - 15%
~ Other* - 50%

*Other currently contains - Starter has leftovers 100%, Running shoes in houses, 'dex bugfix, Gen 2/3 evolution without Nat. 'dex, Legendary 'mons placement, ?

Pallet Town - Added a small area of grass in the southwestern corner, you can find Mew there. Will be removed after a proper area has been chosen/added for her. (Yes, I consider Mew to be female - in game she is still technically genderless, so don't worry lol)

Route 1 - Big facelift for Route 1. It will now be possible to go from Pallet to Viridian without stepping in tall grass, Oak's text will be updated later to reflect this as well. Might change this event altogether, though it is unlikely.

Viridian City - Small visual updates in the south, as part of Route 1's updates. More updates planned later as part of the 'Ash/Red is already champion' update.

No other maps changed/updated at this time.

Pokémon Locales
Pallet Town - Mew, grass in southwest corner of map; will be removed in a later update

Route 1 - Bird trio, Mewtwo, Mew (didn't seem to work until adding Mew to Pallet for some reason) Lugia, Ho-oh, Tauros (friend's favorite, will be changed later, obviously lol) and Vulpix (my favorite, if you couldn't tell already, will be moved later)

Route 2 - Dog trio, other legendaries, Rattata, Pidgey... lots of those two, since they are at the top of the list...

NOTE: Gen 2/3 Legendaries will NOT obey until you get Earthbadge! And Lugia/Ho-oh only know whirlwind! Makes training them a real pain. Mew also fails to obey for unknown reasons, even with 3 badges. Will look into this later, might even add a fix I find one.

Note: I don't plan to work on this actively, though I will be doing updates from time to time. The updates I've done thus far could be recreated in a matter of minutes so if you like what I've done with this and want to use it you could do it yourself by downloading the tools I used and make the changes yourself. A link will be added when I have a decent enough version to share.
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Old 18th October 2015, 08:17 AM   #2
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Not trying to bump with this one, but when I click 'Edit' it gives me a blank editor - so I'd have to copy/paste in order to update the post. So, before I send a PM to the staff, thought I'd share a few more details with what I plan to have in this rom base. Please remember that every thing is subject to change with or without notice based on feedback and my own abilities, among other factors.

The story will remain quite generic, but all dialogue will be updated to take place 2 years after Red becomes champion. This is to set the rom base apart from others, hopefully. Also, it's a personal choice and preference. As previously stated - this and any other plans are subject to change.

As a couple of years have passed, it should make sense that most areas are more easily accessible. New paths will exist in the pre-existing maps to allow players to walk from town to town without wild Pokémon battles. (Will be some trainers, and these won't be perfectly straight paths... Going to try to make it seem natural while also making it more convenient than the current routes; though my mapping skills aren't the greatest...) Also going to be adding a "Sea Bridge" of sorts. This will allow players to walk from Pallet to Cinnabar or from Cinnabar to Fushia.

Note: These paths can easily be blocked to prevent players from getting to certain areas, in accordance with the story of your hack.

And now to get to some issues I'm having.. Please keep in mind that while I do have a little experience in rom hacking, my abilities are rather limited. If I missed something obvious, please kindly inform me and help me learn. Thanks in advance!

Mew won't obey - Already getting help with this, but figured it was worth mentioning regardless. For those of you who get the patch and play with the current version (extremely minimal progress so far, not worth it in my opinion) keep in mind that Mew will not obey your commands - EVER. Personally, I don't understand this, but a good friend of mine is helping with this. (and will be credited accordingly)

.. Actually, right now that's the only issue. Aside from lack of progress, but I won't make excuses for that lol. Check the attachment for the current patches.

Each version will have both IPS and UPS patches in a zip archive.

Note: Sorry that I didn't provide a changelog for this initial release. I will compile all changes and provide them at a later date. Sorry for the inconvenience! (most of the stuff mentioned in the previous post is still true)


Edit: Took care of some more DeCap issues, including towns and other locales. (Just realized after typing that line that Mt Moon wasn't one of the ones updated.. Will fix before next version) I don't think this is a big enough update to push the next version, but I wanted to let everyone know about this change. DeCap should be close to finished, but it will take a couple of playthroughs to be sure.

Also, I forgot to mention in the first post - For testing purposes starting money has been drastically increased and the potion in the PC has been swapped out for 99 Master Balls. These are temporary changes, and will be removed before the 'final' version. (However, Master balls will be added to a certain shop for 5k each, this will only be available post-E4 though. Not sure where this shop will be, as I haven't gotten into the scripting side of things yet)
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