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Old 17th July 2013, 04:10 AM   #1
Oh god the bees
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Default [Gen III] diegoisawesome's XSE Level Scripting Tutorial

diegoisawesome's XSE Level Scripting Tutorial

Do Not Take or Modify Without Permission

A lot of people have been asking me for this, so here it is!

Step 1:
Make the script you want.

Step 2:
Add a setvar 0x(variable number) 0x1 into your script. Make sure that the player is FORCED to do the part that you add it into. I recommend using variables 0x4050 up.
Note: You do NOT need a setflag/checkflag situation unless you have a script that sets a flag for another script.

Step 3:
Compile the script.

Step 4:
In A-Map, go to the map you want to put your level script onto.

Step 5:
Go to the Header view.

Step 6:
Under Map Script, remove all other old level scripts and press Add.

Step 7:
Under Script Type, select 02 Validates values, loads handler to...

Step 8:
Paste the script offset into the Script offset 2 box.

Step 9:
Put the number of the variable that will be set to 0x1 in your script under Flag. Leave the Value box alone.

Step 10:
Press Save map scripts.

Step 11:
Press Ctrl+H on your keyboard. The view should change to Pro-Header view.

Step 12:
In the Map options>Map script offset box, copy the offset past the dollar sign and paste it into the Offset box in XSE.

Step 13:
Decompile the script and...Blank! Not to worry! Press the button right next to the Decompile button, press the Decompile button itself and...voila! There's a script now!

Step 14:
There should be a minimum of three parts to the script: two things with pointers and your script that you made. In the second part, there should be a pointer to your script. Under it, there should be a #raw word 0x(random number). Replace the random number with 0. Compile it and test it out in the game.

Step 15:
Enjoy your level script!

BONUS: Make multiple level scripts of the same type (type 0x2 or 0x4)!
Even though Advance-Map doesn't let you do it correctly, you can still manually insert your own.

In Step 14, there's a random number underneath the pointer to your script. If you have free space after this, you can instead replace the random number with another variable number, then another variable value, and another script, and so on. Like so:

#org 0x166F6E
#raw word 0x408A
#raw word 0x1
#raw pointer 0x8166F88
#raw word 0x4071
#raw word 0x1
#raw pointer 0x8166FA0
#raw word 0x0

There IS a limit to how many level scripts you can have like this, though I'm not sure what it is. It's probably not going to get reached, though, in normal usage.
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Old 17th July 2013, 11:09 AM   #2
Let it go!
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Man, it's nice to see this tutorial here. Thanks, Diego ;p

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Old 17th July 2013, 01:46 PM   #3
What are we doing?
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Oww, this helped me and other hackers. Good job Diego!
I'll give it a try! :3

EDIT: Woah! It worked perfectly!
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I want to know your XSE secrets hahaha

This is a great and strait forward tutorial Diego much appreciated.

What would be useful is a Complex or Advanced Scripting section because there is so much more that can be done but as a beginner not to long ago Var's where specially hard to pick up as there is just not really an tutorials on them and what they are capable of. Not to mention the countless other commands that are not really mentioned in tutorials that should be.
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