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Default Hi, y'all!

Hi! I'm Rangi. I first discovered Pokémon when I found a Beedrill card lying on the ground, then received the Gold version for my birthday. In the spirit of trading, I gave it to a friend for their Blue version when Crystal came out.

Blue and Crystal are still two of my favorite versions for different reasons. Crystal took the first Pokémon game I experienced and made it better—a Burned Tower and Ice Path that really looked burned/frozen, secret chambers in the Ruins of Alph, animated Pokémon... Even small things like a new trainer in Ilex Forest stood out (probably a sign that I had played Gold too much).

Meanwhile, Blue was missing a lot of conveniences from Crystal, like pressing A on things to use HMs, or held items. What it did have was glitches. I was really into MissingNo and Glitch City, partly because they were eerie, partly because I wanted to understand how they worked. It was the same way with GameShark codes: I didn't care much about whether or not I was "cheating", but enjoyed discovering what those eight letters and numbers in each code meant. (They basically combine a memory address and the desired value for it.) You can probably guess that I do computer programming now.

I made some on-and-off attempts to create something of my own, like co-writing a fanfic about MissingNo with a friend (we wrote one chapter) or drawing a bunch of plans for a new region with Bird and Wind types (which obviously made more sense than calling them both Flying, Nintendo just got it wrong /s). The GameBoy Advance was the last actual system I bought, but more recently I got back into Pokémon now that DS games can be emulated at playable speeds.

Anyway. I was amazed to find out that source code now exists for Pokémon Crystal, so I've been finally developing a game based on that. Red++ and Liquid Crystal are inspiring. Previously I've played Drayano's hacks of HeartGold, Black, and Black 2, because I like their increased difficulty and options.
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