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Default The Side-quest Idea Thread

I'm sure we all agree that sidequests, whether long or short, are always fun ways to distract yourself from the main storyline in any RPG. However in Pokémon, particularly hacking, I've found that creating certain kinds can be repetitive as you only have so many options, so I thought it could be cool to start a topic where we could all discuss what our favourite kinds of sidequests are!

I'll start off by suggesting mine:

  • Deliver an item to be rewarded with another item/Pokémon
  • Locate and defeat a particular trainer to be rewarded with an item/Pokémon
  • Collect a certain amount of Pokémon in the Pokedex '''
  • Collect an item for access to a hidden area
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Gotta fill something here.
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Those are actually just some examples of sidequests that can be implemented easily without having to script an event that checks if a bit or two has been edited since you accessed that event the last time.

For now, I have planned 9 different sidequests for my own hack of which 7 are already implemented in the latest release.

1. Legendary Super Onix 
2. Abandoned Research Center
3. The Bird Trio
4. Beasts from the past
5. Digging up the Village
6. Grand Tower
7. Secret of Adria
8. The Missing Pages!
9. King of the Sea
A couple of them are as simple as "Access this event, do something, and the sidequest is done", but there are complicated ones as well. "Abandoned Research Center" introduces a totally new area that maps out the main story, and so does "Digging up the Village".
Some others are complicated in their own ways. For example, "The Missing Pages" is a somewhat copied implementation of 100 Acre Wood from KH which I made for fun.

You can really do anything at all once you get the hang of scripting events that are "connected".

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I know what you mean, but those were just supposed to be simple examples, haha. I like making long inter-connected side quests too, as long as there's no evil team anywhere near them =P
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What does this button do?.....
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I just want to say... that I LOVE SIDEQUESTS!!!

making them is a GREAT way to distract yourself from the main issues you are having in your hack lol.

I have been adding TONS of sidequests to my FireRed+ hack.

Lets start with the Crystal Onix sidequest... it forces the player to backtrack (they need rocksmash before they actually get it) and for all their efforts... they get a shiny onix

Ive also added a small "race" like quest... you step on a button, then run to the gate... if you get there in as few steps as possible (since fr has no real timer) you can pass through the gate... if not, the gate slams in your face...

I love minigames as much as sidequests...
Try a treasure digging game. You pay to borrow a shovel and get to dig several plots for treasure... there is a careful balance here between money spent and treasure gained... if you sell evereything you get you are nearly guaranteed to make a profit... but MOST of the items will be used and not sold

Turning items into pokemon is a fun quest too.
Instead of just walking up and getting to catch a rare pokemon, what if you have to get a rare item, take it to a spot far away and that unlocks the rare pokemon allowing you to go back and catch it.

Another good minigame is a 50% random choice. walk in a room, faced with 2 items. pick one and get a measly prize, pick the other and get to advance to another room... du dun duhhhhh which one to pick
pick correctly and go to the next room... only to be faced with the SAME prediciment. every room gets a better prize and if you make it to the last room you get an awesome prize

I also love trading minigames... start with a random item, trade for another random item... and another... and another... eventually you will get something awesome
Mine starts like this:
I love making the items in this quest DO something... soemthing odd, but fun. something players will enjoy playing with but it wont really help much. so when they trade it away they are sad to see it go but excited to see whats next.

Last but not least is a small quest where you hunt down powerful pokemon that are plaguing an area... you cant see these powerful pokemon but if you happen across them they are very strong... one is even shiny
the prize MIGHT be good, but the chance to catch a shiny pokemon is the real prize... not to mention the experience points.

and... well im nowhere near done with this game

In Rocket Science I added a Pokemon Stealer item that allowed you to steal pokemon... then turn in the stolen pokemon to team rocket for rewards (including the masterball)
This was a quest you had to keep thinking about the entire game to find all 100 stolen pkmn... like a collectathon.

I also had a LONG quest that took the entire game to complete... how it went was:
in the underground path to virmillion you are given a ditto and told to train it for research (the game is about a scientist) then on cinnabar island you learn that a fellow scientist was trying to make a mew by combining all the pokemon DNA... thus ditto was made... but he had hoped ditto would evolve... IF you get your ditto (only one in the game) to lv 35 he will tell you about where they found info on mew. and give you a boat ride to GUYANA... where you can catch mew
After catching mew, you can show him to that scientist and he will get some DNA and begin a clone...
THEN once you defeat the E4 you will get a phone call from your boss telling you that the cloned mew escaped and that you should be careful. you can now go find mewtwo in cerulean cave... if you dont train ditto, you will never get mewtwo long drawn out quest with great rewards

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