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Default The Legend of Zelda: Guild of Heroes

So, I'm not going anywhere with this, but if anyone wants to take this on, feel free to work off of it.


Long ago, in the elven land of Eyun, a terrible evil emerged. An army, led by the demon Sella, ravaged the land and took the lives of many. The people were hopeless and waited for their lives to come to their inevitable ends.

However, a group of 3 warriors, Din, Farore, and Nayru, rose and made a pact to defeat Sella and his army of monsters. But, three meager humans could not hope to defeat the demon, and thus they began their search for the ultimate weapon, the Master Sword. The three set off in different directions in the lands, in hopes of finding the sword quicker. Din set off to the east, Farore the south, and Nayru the north, as Sella's army came from the west.

Din set off to the east, towards the mountains of the Moonpearl. She searched caverns full of Kee and Stalfos, amongst other deadly creatures endlessly, and eventually perished.

Farore set off to the plains in the southern reaches of Eyun, which had become a battlefield against the demon army and the local Moblins. Farore sided with the Moblins, befriended them and fought with all her might against the legion of demons, but finally fell to the commander of the troop. The plains soon become a desert after the moblins retreated even further south, out of Eyun.

Nayru, setting off into the forests of the northern footholds, soon became ill and was taken in by the curious Kokiri, a tribe of elves known for keeping the appearance of children their whole lives. Their legends told of a sword powered by the eyes of courage itself, and thus Nayru travelled to the northern reaches, past her country of Eyun until she found the legendary Temple of Light. Inside the sword lay, and with all her might she pulled the blade from its pedestal. Nayru then quickly set off towards the southeast to find Din, and afterwards to Farore.

Along the way, Nayru found a Moblin, injured by war and lost, with no sense of direction. She learned that Farore has perished, and that the South had been conquered. She tended to the Moblin's wounds and asked it to find its tribe to fight against Sella once more.

Continuing east, she met a Po by the name of Omjaaro, who reported that a female warrior was slain by the natural evil in the mountains weeks ago. She lamented, and the Po gives her what is known as the Moonpearl. Nayru traveled west to face and defeat Sella.

Nayru engaged Sella's army, and with the ethereal powers of the Moonpearl, is able to defeat many of the enemy's frontlines. Severely outnumbered, She fought with all her might, when suddenly the Moblin reinforcements appeared to aid in the war. After four days of combat, Nayru and her allies reached the human city of Hyrule, which had since become Sella's throne.

The battle between demon and hero waged on, and finally Nayru had fallen. In her last moments she struck the Moonpearl with the Master Sword in an attempt of desperation. A powerful wind spewed from the pearl, and both Nayru and the demon were sucked into it. The Master Sword sheathed itself into the crack it had made, and thus the pearl was sealed, never to be opened again...

coming Later

I'll add more when I can be bothered, but yeah...Dinner time.
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