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Old 21st February 2016, 08:54 PM   #1
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Default Pokemon Amethyst(Need hackers and artists)


Welcome to my thread i am currently brain storming ideas for my new Pokemon game called Pokemon Amethyst it is going to be hard to put all the content into one rom hack so i i am splitting it into episodes about 15 episodes each containing 1-3 regions so it sounds pretty awesome so far...but i need some programmers and artists for the game i am taking applications from anyone who is willing from he 1st of may.


"Team Shadow are trying to use the power of wishes and melodies to finally make the Melody Wish Tower bell ring after 1,000,000 to summon Hoopa (Unbound) to get all the legendaries for themselves,can you as the Pokemon Trainer Harry/Holly,stop their evil schemes,with the Elite Fours help you must recruit(not obtain/capture)the legendary pixies(Mew,Victini,Celebi and etc.) to stop them from ringing the bell!!! POKEMON AMETHYST HAS A WHOLE LOT OF CONTENT AND EPISODE 1(CELONA REGION) AND MAYBE 2(ORANGE ISLANDS) WILL BE RELEASED IN THE YEARS OF 2017-2018"


~New evil team called Team Shadow (Later renamed Team Darkness)
~New Characters Harry(Boy) and Holly(Girl)
~(Server fixes)Mystery Gift will try to give immediate response
~Rival has more involvement in the plot of the game
~All 722 pokemon including Magearna
~Returning Characters from previous generations such as Red,Dehlia and more...
~Over 18 Regions to Explore
~Events and in-game story plots
~Plot Twists and DLC
~Fanmade Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversions
~Rivals in Every Region
~Some Other New Teams:
Team Shadow (Later in Plot Renamed Team Darkness)=Female Leader Obsessed With Mega Pokemon
Team SunLight (Later in Plot Renamed Team MoonLight)=Male Leader Obsessed With Mega Pokemon
Team Tin=Male Leader With Dignity and Pride,Hates Copper and Topaz Leaders
Team Copper= Female Leader With Evil Intentions,Hates Tin and Topaz Leaders
Team Topaz= Female Leader with Stealth and Knowledge,Hates Copper and Topaz Leaders
Team Rocket(Advanced)= Female Leader With Evil Power and Is Also a Mother
Team Soarer= Female Leader Who Is Way Too Interested In Rayquaza
Team Galaxy=Mars(One of Team Galactic's Admins) Reformed Team Galactic and Named It Team Galaxy
Azoth Engineers= Male Leader Who Created An Evil Weapon Causing Him to Live Fo

~Creators Will Be Implemented Into The Game and Will Be Able To Battle
~New Starter Pokemon: Dratini,Swinub or Timburr
~New Items That Trigger Events

That is all so far!

~Celona The Region Of Legends
~Orange Islands The Joining Point Of All Regions
~Amsalp Islands
~3 Kingdoms:
~The Locked Kingdom/The 4th Kindgom(DLC)
~Makilto(After All Regions For Champion Rematches)

Might Be More Soon...


~Thundurus and Tornadus Chapters
~Meloetta Chapter
~Regi Domains Chapter
~The Locked Kingdom Chapter
~AZ's Return To Kalos Chapter
~The Engulfing Fire Of Eralf Chapter
~The Lake Of The Secret Isle Chapter
~Dropping Down To Zero Chapter
~Cyrus Virus Chapter
~GiovaDNA Chapter
~Mask of Ice Chapter
~Mega Origin Chapter
~Back in Time Chapter
~The Abyssal Cult Strikes Back Chapter
~All Pokemon Movies

More Coming Soon...




Zero a Villain with no purpose
Marcus a villain with no heart
Sabrina Former Gym Leader Member of Team Rocket
Lt surge Former Gym Leader Member of Team Rocket
Koga Former Gym leader Member of Team Rocket
Marilyn a witch with Fire
Zygarde Soul Abigail
Yveltal Soul Aaron
Regigigas Soul Travis
Ho-Oh soul Nettie
Volcanion soul Kai
Darkrai soul Louis/Lucifer
Hoopa soul Jamie


Main Ideas and Leader: Kai(Youtube: PokeTheorist Kai)
Special Help:ShiningEevee123(Youtube Name)

Hope You Enjoy i when or if it releases!

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Old 22nd February 2016, 06:49 PM   #2
Celona Region Champion
Join Date: Feb 2016
Location: Celona Region
Posts: 4

I would love to here feedback by the way!
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amethystneed, artists, hackers, pokemon

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